[FULL MV] ‘Hot Times’ by S.M. The Ballad

I couldn’t care less about the rap, the new kid, the Engrish and the loudness. Everything else is win.

If this group really wants to soar, they need to embrace a much daring style with way more intriguing instrumentals.  I mean, one of them supposedly ‘plays’ an instrument, so how about using them, SM.  As always, Kyuhyun’s undertones complimented the song perfectly.  What can I say, when you’re flawless, you’re flawless.


One thought on “[FULL MV] ‘Hot Times’ by S.M. The Ballad

  1. i don’t know why but it’s kinda similar with sorry sorry answer. as much as i love my kyu-baby, i don’t have anything against his voice, but his facial expression is too stiff… i like him and he’s officially my favorite member in super junior and sm the ballad, but i enjoy jay’s and jonghyun’s screen time more than kyuhyun’s.

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