[Review] ‘Athena’ by Changmin and Yunho of DBSK (Athena OST)

I’m sure you’re well aware of Changmin and Yunho‘s highly anticipated return to the music scene, so when it was revealed that the DBSK duo would be contributing their talent to the Korean drama “Athena” OST, Cassies in every corner of the globe rejoiced.  And we’ve yet to hear the last of it now that the actual song has been released.

The drama’s namesake, “Athena“, embodies the kind of audio I associate with a high energy, action driven series centered around spies and cool technology:  a dramatic, fast-paced explosion of sound.  It’s awesome.

Going into this knowing that HoMin‘s song is for a kdrama, it explains a lot now that I listen to it because it is a wee bit over the top.  Then again, DBSK have always gone beyond expectations and while this is only 2 out of 5 members, they managed to stay true to the good-ole DBSK quality while incorporating a spoonful of “hey, this is the title song for an epic drama…Let us repeat ourselves:  this is the title song for an epic drama.

I never gave much thought to how Changmin and Yunho would restructure their parts seeing as a vital middle chunk of their ensemble threw up the deuces a while ago, but I was sure of one thing: both would need to strengthen their skills to accommodate the absence of Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun.

As always, the unit came through and delivered an impressive performance, making it very clear where their proficiency lies within the industry.  They. Are. Vocal. Gods.  I know, I’m going crazy here, but as most Cassies like to refer to Dong Bang Shin Ki as other worldly entities, they are perfectly right in describing them as godly when it comes to singing.

Honestly, though, even if these two are part of a killer boy band, I wasn’t 100% convinced they would pull it off.  I mean, JYJ‘s American work left a bitter taste in my mouth.  But HoMin did it.  Almost seamlessly, I think.

I was anticipating a ballad for some reason.  Like, a really powerful one.  But I’m ‘knees on the floor’ glad to hear an up tempo.  It’s very in your face and as explosive as it should be.

Changmin and Yunho brought it home with the harmonizing and the production just took the entire thing to soaring heights. The way the strings and electric guitar are woven throughout the verses is amazing.  It almost sounds like they’re trading melodies back and forth, something you’d hear a lot in classical music.

There are spots in the song, though, that I kept thinking would sound mesmerizing with the rest of the gang.  I mean, imagine 5 part harmonies in this.  With all 5 voices!

My mind is blown just thinking about it.



One thought on “[Review] ‘Athena’ by Changmin and Yunho of DBSK (Athena OST)

  1. together or apart I will stan DBSK. this track really isn’t my thing, but they sound awesome. I am more excited for their Japanese release though – the teaser they released sounds even more epic than this.

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