[PHOTOS] GD & T.O.P.’s ‘GD&TOP Vol. 1’

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My GD & TOP album arrived last week and while I didn’t care about the color I’d get – there were a total of 5; Blue, Green, Gold, Silver and Pink – I just knew I didn’t want the pink version.  It’s not like I had much of a choice, but still.

I wound up with blue (woo!) and here is a batch of quick pictures I took of the thing.

One thing I found out, which I didn’t know before, was that Diplo co-composed and arranged one of the songs (“Knock Out“), which I thought was interesting.  I didn’t know YG had connections with that guy, they even give him a shout out in the bridge.  I mean, I’m not a big-big fan of Diplo, but he HAS worked with people I like.

Anyway, I’ve lazed around for a while now, but I’m hoping to review this album soon, as well as HoMin’s upcoming album and Seungri’s EP in two weeks.

How is everyone’s 2011 coming along?


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