[FULL MV] ‘Stay On The Grind’ by Kero One feat. Ohmega Watts

but if I fail, then at least I made the effort, I seek to make a record that speaks to reach your sector

When it comes to the sound of the underground, Kero One is one of the few (and one of my favorites) who stay in the positive and deliver lines of inspiration and motivation, brought to full bloom by a grasp on smooth beats and old-school vibes that we’ve seemed to have lost in the mainstream fronts today.

A month ago, Kero One dropped a throwback to his sophomore album Early Believers with the full music video to  “Stay On The Grind” featuring Ohmega Watts (Model Citizen, Stay Tuned), and together they’re seen visiting the skateboarding scene of Long Beach, CA in the aftermath of a gang-shooting that ended the life of Blacc Mike, one of the city’s most promising professional skaters.

Kero One says:

It was dope that we were able to film at places like the Michael K. Green Skate Park, which was created in Blacc Mike’s honor, and being able to meet and skate with the community that was so heavily influenced by people like him. This park isn’t just a simple playground, there are bigger things going on here such as the ability to help to keep many of these kids out of gangs.

Enjoy the full music video below!

You can purchase Early Believers, as well as other Kero One albums here (LINK) and here (


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