[Updated] Catch my reviews on Allkpop

Hey guys!

Sorry for not updating y’all on what’s been going on.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve started writing and posting reviews for Allkpop this month.  From now on you can start finding my reviews there and make sure to follow me on twitter so you can keep tabs on whatever’s hip and happening!

Writing for AKP is a pretty big deal and the response has been crazy.  It’s cool (and scary?) to read what a crap load of people have to say about my writing.

For now, McRoth’s Residence will be on vacation (chilling at the beach or something), but I will be wrecking havoc over at the #1 English Korean entertainment website in da wurr.  So do drop by and show me some love – God knows I’ll need it :)

Link to music reviews on allkpop




3 thoughts on “[Updated] Catch my reviews on Allkpop

  1. Kinda bummed you’ll be moving just as I discovered you.

    Could you cross-post you allkpop reviews here as well? I think it’s a great collection of reviews and deserves to be together.

  2. Hi! I read your AllKpop reviews. I love music reviews. It gives me an insight on how others perceive the music I listen too. So thank you for reviewing MBLAQ’s album and the others too. Have to agree with you on MBLAQ but in fairness this album is a step up to their previous single. Not a fan though but I have to agree there is an improvement.

    I wanted to ask will you be doing a review of TVXQ album too? and GD and TOP’s?

    Thank you!

    0129anne (allkpop) and YongistheOne (twitter)

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