[Full MV] ‘벤자민’ and ‘연애망상’ by RockCatZ

Think J-rock, but not as hardcore.  RockCatZ takes me back to the early days when I used to watch NANA religiously; RockCatZ’s sound is very reminiscent to the vibes I got when I watched NANA, and the first song in particular also reminds me of K-On!, another bat-shit-crazy anime I may have been guilty of watching…

However, nothing will ever beat THIS.

The first music video is very fun and the song puts me in a really good mood.  Usually that kind of vocal delivery annoys me to no end, but it’s not that bad here.  Especially when the singer sounds completely different in the second MV.  I mean, way to trick your audience, misses!

— If any of you know the 4/11 on this Korean rock group, feel free to drop a line in the comments section because I would love to get to know them.  I’ve been pretty absent in the K-rock/K-indie virtual scene, but there’s somethin about this music that has piqued my interest.

Oh, and look! I posted something!


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