[Full MV] ‘점점더’ by Souldive

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t remember a single Souldive song to save my life today, but after I skimmed through the history of Korean hip-hop songs I’ve listened to since my humble beginnings with Kpop, it all came flooding back.

I think the reason I couldn’t remember Souldive’s work was because 2009 was the last time their debut full-length album, “Mad Scientist & Sweet Monsters,” cycled through my music library. Well, more like early-early 2010, but it has been so long, that I forgot all about them. Shame on me…

Here’s a crash course on Souldive:

Souldive is a hip-hop trio comprised of Bae HanJoon (the leader), Lee HanNo, and Lee SeongSoo. They formed in 2007 and debuted two years later with “Mad Scientist & Sweet Monsters” in September. Souldive was one of the first Korean hip-hop artists I listened to, and now that I think about it, they take full credit for helping me crack the doors open into the world of Korean indie, underrated, and underground music that now consumes most of my music library. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you’re a fan of Tiger JK, Epik High, and Dynamic Duo, you’ll die when you hear these tracks off of “Mad Scientist and Sweet Monsters.” Take a listen:

“Cool Running” (Feat. As One)

“Freaky Game 108”

and my personal favorite, “그림자 소녀 (With 샛별)”

If it wasn’t obvious, the rest of the album is HIGHLY recommend. It’s a genius piece of work and how I forgot about this group is way beyond me…

Anyway, they’re back! Here’s their new song, “점점더.” I think 2011 is going to be the year of hip-hop for me. Like, seriously.



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