McRoth’s Residence Interview with Apollo 18 – Part 2

Photograph by Simon Bond


Part 2 – SXSW: “You may have difficulty hearing after our gigs, but you will be smiling.

07  Alright, so the big news is that Apollo 18 is officially playing at SXSW 2011 right here in my hometown of Austin, Texas.  The festival is just days away – How excited are you to be performing at one of the largest music events of the year? Are you the slightest bit nervous?

Sangyun Lee: We are very, very excited to be playing at SXSW.  Our schedule is going to be really busy during SXSW, but it will be fun.  We are excited to meet bands and music fans from all over the world.  We want to try Texas BBQ and also eat some burritos.  I really love burritos.  Our friends have told us that Austin, Texas is a very cool city, so we want to explore and experience Austin.  We are a bit nervous about having to speak English to everyone.

08  This will be your first ever US Tour. How did the idea to tour outside of South Korea come about?

Hyunseok: We always knew that we wanted to tour in other countries.  We played two gigs in Tokyo in 2009.  It was a lot of fun.  We wanted to go overseas again before now, but touring abroad is very expensive.  Last year we applied to play at SXSW.  We were accepted, but our schedule was really busy and we didn’t have the money for an American tour.

Starting from now we really want to try and make Apollo 18 an international band.  In addition to the touring America in March, we plan to play in China and Japan this year also.  We are hoping to do more concerts in the U.S. in the autumn.

09  Any bands you want to see?

Sangyun:  We want to see so many bands while we are at SXSW and during our U.S. tour.  We want to try and experience as much new music and meet as many musicians as we can.

10  People come from all corners of the world to experience SXSW. Other than the music, what else are you looking forward to on your state-side visit?  You have to try the BBQ…

Daeinn: Many people have told us about Texas BBQ.  We must try it.  I think Korean BBQ and Texas BBQ are very different.  If people know any really good BBQ restaurants in Austin, please email us.  During SXSW we want to eat, drink, and meet as many new people as we can.  We will play a concert at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza on March 18.  I really want to try some death metal pizza.

11  Well, I am dying to see you guys perform live for the first time.  What can we expect from your showcases at SXSW?

Hyunseok:  We like to play loud.  We play with lots of energy and passion.  Our concerts at SXSW are going to be exciting.  Please come and watch us if you will be in Austin.  We are certain you will leave happy.  You may have difficulty hearing after our gigs, but you will be smiling.

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Apollo 18′s tour schedule:
March 15 Dallas, TX – Double Wide
March 16 Austin, TX (6 pm) – DMI House @ 219 West (Day Party at the Dart Music International House)
March 16 Austin, TX (10:40 pm) – Headhunters (Official SXSW Showcase)
March 17 Austin, TX (6 pm) – Zhi Tea Gallery (Zhi Tea presents: SXZT!)
March 18 Austin, TX (4 pm) – Hoeks Death Metal Pizza
March 18 San Marcos, TX – Triple Crown
March 19 Austin, TX (1 pm) – Aussie’s (WeAre78704.com Party)
March 20 Austin, TX (1 pm) – Cheer Up Charlie’s
March 20, San Antonio, TX – Night Rocker Live
March 21 New Orleans, LA – Dragon’s Den
March 22 Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land
March 23 Denton, TX – Andy’s Bar
March 24 Hot Springs, AR – Low Key Arts (The Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival)
March 25 Memphis, TN – Stash House
March 26 Tulsa, OK – The Eclipse
March 27 Fort Worth, TX – 1919 Hemphill

You can find out more on Apollo 18 here:





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