[Featured Song] ‘I Am Hurt, I Am Sad’ by Maya

Featured Song:I’m Hurt, I’m Sad” by Maya

Maya just released her 2011 mini-album, titled “아프다 슬프다 / 너무나..” on March 24.  Her music has traces of rock, infused with those Korean ballads that (I think) have come to define the majority of the indie artists and underrated musicians around South East Asia.  Interesting enough, the lead single (MV below) is the most aggressive song on the EP.  The rest of the album is relatively mellow and easy-going.

Album Track List:

1. I’m hurt I’m sad
2. So much…
3. Good times
4. Wanna live together?

Listen, watch, and enjoy Maya’s “I’m Hurt, I’m Sad” music video:

If you like what you hear, make sure to give the rest of her music a few (hundred!) spins as well.  If this EP doesn’t have enough rock elements for you, trust me when I say that there’s even more boldness and grandeur in her previous work (LISTEN HERE).


One thought on “[Featured Song] ‘I Am Hurt, I Am Sad’ by Maya

  1. I looked straight to the end of your post to the “LISTEN HERE” and I’m like, this had better be azalea, this had better be azalea….



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