Name Those Snips! No.2

For a lot of you, naming the first reversed mash-up was either a fun challenge, a mind-fuck, or both.   Many of you had the ear to pick out most of the songs, while some of you were so close (but no cigar).

In the end, the first person who named those snips (no prizes involved, sorry), who figured it out without batting an eyelash, was none other than fellow blogger @popreviewsnow!  She has some freaky good listening skills, that girl.  *applauds*

For those of you who haven’t taken a stab at Name Those Snips! No. 1, CLICK HERE before you listen to the answer below!

ANSWER: Name Those Snips No. 1

Can you name all 7 Kpop songs in this 14 second mash-up? Think it’ll be easy? Well, guess what – they are reversed.

Name Those Snips No.2

  • Tweet me @rothsresidence with your answers or leave them in the comments section below.  Have fun figuring this one out, good luck, and no cheating!


Answers and the newest Name Those Snips! mash-ups can now be found on its own separate page (CLICK HERE).


3 thoughts on “Name Those Snips! No.2

  1. i’m kinda sure that there is miss A – bad girls good girl and narsha’s bbi rri bbop bbop (nt sure of the spelling) is kinda obvious at the end…

  2. There’s SNSD’s Genie, SHINee’s Lucifer and the rest… I, fortunately or unfortunately, do not recognize. :3

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