[Review] ‘Midnight Circus’ by Sunny Hill

“Midnight Circus” is a potpourri of tricks, cliches, and taboos. It’s semi-dark with a dash of the very quirks that have come to define the Brown Eyed Girls under the Nega Network. There isn’t much emotion here, but who needs it when you’re having to endure drilling synths while simultaneously being swallowed by reverb? Not me.”

Click here to continue reading the full mini album review of Midnight Circus by Sunny Hill via allkpop.com

I should have done this from the get go, but from now on I’ll be cross posting allkpop’s reviews here in excerpt format for you guys. I haven’t died and have certainly not abandoned the blog, so this is a way to let you know that I’m still alive and breathing. Although, seeing as how vicious some of these fanclubs are, ‘alive and breathing’ may only be a temporary status update.

~ Mc-to-the-Roth

p.s. Take advantage of the new comments section, which is now best friends with Twitter and Facebook, because I said so!


4 thoughts on “[Review] ‘Midnight Circus’ by Sunny Hill

  1. sorry for the question but are these Rowdyruff´s reviews yours??
    Because I recently discovered your web and i was looking for you in allkpop as Mcroth
    btw thanks for all your past work here in macrothresidence. I really dont know a lot about how to listen music but I found interesting and sometimes funny ( your comments and comparisons made me laugh so much sometimes!!!) to reading your posts.

    Sorry for my grammar mistakes Im Mexican so english is not my native language!!

    Adios and I beg you keep up with the posts here

    • Yes, I write/work under the name Rowdyruff for allkpop :) The reviews are all written by me. This is my personal blog.

      A Mexican reader! How exciting. My family is from Mexico, so I’m glad to see I have readers from the south :)

      • Oh thanks for answering me
        I was looking for your review of beast´s 1st album because I loved it soooooooo much and well I think I got it know =)

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