[Review] Brown Eyed Girls – How Could I Love You

One of my favorite album-enders, and one of my favorite songs all around is Brown Eyed Girls’ “How Could I Love You”.

Certain albums end with experimental tracks and Brown Eyed Girls are no stranger to this with the album-ender, “Timing”, off their debut album, “Your Story”. But “HCILY” from the album “떠나라 미스김 (Leave Ms. Kim)” takes it one step further as it’s one of their best tracks…ever.

“떠나라 미스김 (Leave Ms. Kim)” is an album all about harmonizing and how Ga-in, Jea, Miryo, and Narsha‘s individual voices complement the song’s composition to great effect.

How Could I Love You” starts with nothing but their voices – for a minute and a half, BEG does an amazing acapella segment with finger snapping (and two triangle tones) as the only accompaniment to keep rhythm. It works because not only can they sing well together, but each singer gets to shine (and I miss Narsha’s ability to sing like that. They totally need to bring her back to form on the next album). And then the s*&t hits the fan.

The last 30 seconds has everyone singing loudly and all the instruments going at once to produce a hectic ending that’s starkly different from the beginning, but ends when it should. In other words, it is ordered chaos and total awesome sauce in my book.

Even though I love this song, it does have its issues. Miryo gets an 8-bar segment and that’s it, which, even though she works it well, is a problem not only for BEG (the song is over 4 minutes long, could they not find more for her?!), but K-pop in general. Also, I wish the entire track was acapella. I love acapella groups and I don’t hear enough of it, so it was a bit of a let-down when it ended. Oh well…

The reason this song works so well is that the song slowly builds tempo and sound with more instruments added throughout, but gets broken up appropriately with softer piano and string segments. The vocals are fantastic, and even though it gets crazy, it works to great effect.

Now, if only their production team could get their act together for BEG’s next album…

Hi! My name is Xtian, and I’m a total pop music whore. I’m from NYC and can be seen dancing in the streets with headphones permanently glued to my ears. I may not have had a musical background, but I’m a lover of all things music, so I’m excited to be bringing a new voice to the McRoth’s funhouse. Y’all can email me at paulaboy2505@aol.com, or better yet, follow me on twitter, where I do most of my social media-ing, @drowningn00b. See y’all lataz!


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