[MV] “Pieces” by Sam Ock x Kero One

Kero One and Sam Ock are taking action to help end child sex slavery and human trafficking by way of their latest collaborative digital release; an original song entitled “Pieces“.

Pieces” addresses sexual youth slavery and gang violence, and how we can all be a part of the solution.

The song itself is really nice. It’s a simple, jazzy hip-hop tune with a very strong message. A few lines that really struck a chord with me and drove the message home were these two:

the problem appears from behind a screen, we’re thousands of miles away from torn dreams,”

…will you keep your heart covered while the under-served bear the pain undeserved, will you do nothing more than just stare, or lend out your own hand? the beauty of creation is when together we stand…

The song costs $0.25USD and can be purchased HERE.

All proceeds from this song download will go to International Justice Mission to help in the efforts against human sex trafficking (freeing & restoring sex slaves). Visit for more info.

released 31 July 2011
Produced by Sam Ock


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