Days Away From WorldWide Kpop Day

Kpop fans do the darndest things. This year, Kim and Kristin of the ever-growing network on Facebook ‘American K-pop Fans‘ have declared August 13th WorldWide Kpop Day. It started as a unofficial day of Kpop celebration, but over the course of months, the seemingly small idea has evolved into a global event of mass proportions.

I literally just took a peek at the WorldWide Kpop Day event page on Facebook, and there are nearly 12,806 fans attending globally — and counting!!

What fun event do you have planned for August 13th this year? Will you gather with strangers to dance and sing or will you invade your local electronics store to take-over the television and computer screens? What, you may ask, am I talking about? Is there a special occasion or holiday that mysteriously slipped your mind? Fear not, you have not temporarily lost your memory just yet. August 13th ushers in a brand new world holiday, a day of celebration for the glorious genre of music known as KPOP. So, where will you be for the first World-Wide KPOP Day?

The brainchild of two American KPOP fans, Kim Walker and Kristin Koffel, World-Wide KPOP Day manifested from one adventurous trip to their local Best Buy electronics store.

“I turned my back to talk to a store employee and when I turned around, Kim had TVXQ’s “Why/Keep Your Head Down” MV playing on the largest web TVs there”, Kristin recalls. “That is when we really got the idea to spread KPOP to the general audience”.

One day, Kim decided that, instead of spreading the word about a mass-invasion of electronic stores in the name of KPOP, she should mark one day on the calendar to spread her favorite music.

“I really had no clue it would catch on so fast”, Kim says. “I created a world logo, made a Facebook event page, and spread the events page through Tumblr. I was shocked to see within a few hours that the event had been reblogged hundreds of times and to see everyone already discussing what they were going to do on that day. It made me very happy and proud to be a KPOP Fan”.

Already, the hashtag #WorldWideKPOPDay can be found everywhere from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, forums and blogs. Netizens are already gathering to make plans for the special day, with such comments as “Who wants to start a flashmob with me?” and “My neighbors are in for a treat!” KPOP fans the world over are encouraged to blast KPOP from their cars, create flashmobs, hold parties, and change the display on every TV and computer screen they encounter, then upload photographic or video proof online with the #WorldWideKPOPDay hashtag so that the whole world will take notice.

“We are so happy to be a part of this day”, says Kristin.

“We want the KPOP industry to take notice of their fans, and to finally acknowledge that they have a large following all over the world, not just in certain areas that get a little media coverage here and there”, Kim emphasized.

Kim and Kristin are avid KPOP fans and like to keep other fans informed of the most current KPOP news, videos, and gossip on their Facebook page AmericanKPOPFans.

It’s a Kpop event created by the fans, for the fans. More than just being a day for Kpop (which is everyday for most of you), it’s a day to collectively share your Korean pop enthusiasm with the rest of the world. Whether you choose to invade your local Best Buy and their 20 giant HD screens, or graffiti the letters K P O P R U L E S on the side of a building (okay, don’t do that), remember — its all in good fun.

Official Facebook Events Page
American Kpop Fans


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