[FULL MV] ‘Step’ by KARA

KARA, KARA, KARA. It’s been a while since these ladies graced the grounds of Kpop, but don’t fret. Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, and Han Seung-yeon are back ~ and ready to ‘step‘ it up, apparently.

MV Commentary:
I’m LOVING the vibrant colors. I like my KARA as angsty as the next girl group, but seeing them in such effervescent attire really rocks my world. The choreo is so-so, and they have yet to top “Mister”, so that’s that.

I’ll be listening to the album this week, and hopefully, churning out a review very soon. I’m working on prioritizing my time for these things to bust them out as quickly as possible. It’s hard, y’all, but I’ll get ’em done.

Thoughts on the MV?


One thought on “[FULL MV] ‘Step’ by KARA

  1. There is nothing more gratifying then seeing a group grow into their own. I really think that KARA has really solidified themselves their place in the ever so crowded KPOP scene (even without their success in Japan). STEP is addictive as ever but it isn’t mindless and random. It serves as an anthem for them after their little fiasco, that they can move on, grow stronger, not looking back or forward just stepping it up in the present. The rest of the album is better than your standard KARA mini for sure. I think it fails a little compared to their other albums (Revolution, First Blooming). But I still think it’s fantastic. Darawa and Rider are great and I hope it is promoted right next to Step. I glad to see these girls back in Korea ready to remind everyone how they got to the top. NGL I am so relieved they didn’t come back with something cute.

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