Kpop Flashback: SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” Comeback

2009 was a big year. HUGE. In today’s ‘Kpop Flashback,‘ we’re bouncing our way to one of the most surprising concept changes that year, courtesy of my (second) favorite SM boy-band, SHINee.

Because the whole dark-to-cute concept change wasn’t as pervasive as it’s become in the last two years, SHINee certainly managed to turn heads in 2009 when they made their speedy return in October, only a few months after wrapping up their “Juliette” promos.

What they revealed was a complete 180 concept change. It was a visual mind-fuck from the already mind-bending fruity pebbles look of Juliette. And it didn’t end there. Even more fuckery ensued when they began teasing their comeback mini-album, ‘2009, Year Of Us.’

MV teaser to “Ring Ding Dong”: how could you have NOT gone apeshitcrazy after watching this?

A slew of boy-bands made their debut around this time. Both B2ST and MBLAQ debuted their first singles almost back to back, kicking off the rivalry of today, and word on ZE:A (or Children of Empire) went around, but they took a little longer than expected to make their first strides into Kpop due to a lack of funds, unfortunately.

Solo artists also came back. Taeyang made his comeback appearance with the stalker song, “Where U At,” as well as MC Mong and “Horror Show.” But no one expected SHINee to return so quickly, and with the element of surprise on their side, they virtually demolished B2ST and MBLAQ’s relevance. SHINee released “Ring Ding Dong” on October 13th, and the quality was so high, that I have no doubt rookie groups pissed their pants that year.

2009, Year of Us‘ dropped on the 22nd. Below is SHINee’s debut performance of “Ring Ding Dong,” and words cannot amount to how fantastic (elastic) they were here. They seriously shut the place down.

Slayed it. Murdered it. Slaughtered it, and fed it to the Queen.

Unfortunately, SHINee’s comeback was hit with the 2009 virus that went around the world – the swine flu. The H1N1 virus first hit Jonghyun, who had to be absent for a few of the group’s activities following their comeback. Then the virus made landfall on Onew, who bowed out of activities weeks later after Jonghyun made his full recovery. To continue with promotions, the unaffected members of SHINee continued performing “Ring Ding Dong” with the help of fellow label mates, Yesung and Leeteuk of Super Junior.

In November, the swine flu made its Kpop comeback, as Taemin was the next member to contract the virus, knocking him out of a week of promos and making SHINee the unluckiest boy-band ever. Taemin made a full recovery by December 3rd, and with all of SHINee finally healthy enough to stand as a unit again, they went on to promote their follow-up song, “JoJo” (this happens to be one of my favorites!)

Who else misses the Minho mullet?

And so ends our Kpop Flashback of the day.


2 thoughts on “Kpop Flashback: SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” Comeback

  1. Thanks for the great post.
    RDD was really an epic comeback, it was afterall the song that made Shinee kind of relevant to the public.

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