FT Island at Concert for Japan

photo credit: kirinradio.com

The fantastic people of Kirin Radio have dished out a full report on FT Island‘s appearance in Canada for the Concert for Japan benefit event last weekend.

From the highs to the lows, here are a few excerpts from the event:

“…it was hot. It was SO HOT, I thought my skin would just melt off! Seriously, I had eyebrow sweat…and I NEVER sweat! Then suddenly, out of nowhere at about 3PM, it just poured rain and blew winds so strong that it knocked the merch booth over completely. As I was taking shelter in the press tent, the ground was slowly getting flooded and muddy. After about 20 minutes, it ended like nothing happened and went back to being hotter than bacon outside.”

“…Now, it’s about 7:20, the host comes on stage: “You’ve waited in the sun! You’ve waited in the rain! Now, are you ready…for FT ISLAND?!” The crowd, as small as it was, erupted in shouts and cheers so loud, I had to cover my ears! Setting up the equipment proved to be a bit of a challenge. Seunghyun’s gear seemed to be having trouble producing sound out of the amps…It wasn’t until Seunghyun himself came onstage and helped them that everything finally got back on track.”

“Hongki now asks the audience: “Can you twist? Everybody, do twist!” just as 빙빙빙 begins to play. Now, as every fan knows, this is one of the most fun songs to see live, as Hongki gets the entire crowd to spin, twist, and move their hips with him. This song is where the energy soared…”

– kirin radio

For the full, in-depth report of FT Island’s concert in Canada, as well as to see a handful of press pictures, visit kirinradio.com


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