Top 10 Kpop Songs

1. Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

No farewells here; Davichi are saying hello this week, as they’ve snatched the No.1 spot from Top Ten powerhouse, Leessang. With a ballad, no less. Congrats, ladies!

2. Leessang – I Turned Off The TV…

Leessang may have lost the No.1 spot, but they win big this week. Three of their songs have landed in the Top Ten. Kpop idols, be jealous.

3. SISTAR – So Cool

“So Cool” was the first ever No.1 song on the ‘Billboard Hot 100 Kpop Songs.’ Three weeks later, and they’ve slipped to No.3. Regardless, the ladies of the B-E-S-T SISTAR are staying strong.

4. G.NA – Top Girl

G.NA is back, and more chipper than ever. I wonder when she’ll go back to the forceful G.NA we saw when she debuted…

5. Leessang – The Answer To Me Is You

I actually like this song over the lead single. It’s mellow, laid-back, and super chill. Not to mention the title hits me right here. RIGHT HERE, I tell you!

6. Leessang – Reminiscence

How I feel about “The Answer to Me Is You” applies here. Bonus points for Baek Ji Young’s feature. *dead*

7. December – Cry Out With My Heart

This song is so nice. No, seriously, it makes me feel nice things. December are hot or cold for me, but this song’s a definite ember. *waves lighter in the air*

8. Verbal Jint – You Look Happy

Aww yee – it’s more K-hiphop! Sounds like the mainstream audience DOES have good taste after all.

9. 2NE1 – Ugly

It’s been a long time running, but this year’s Kpop promos are gone now, and so is the steam 2NE1 had with their highly successful Second Mini-Album. They’ve had a great 2011. Let’s see how Japan treats them.

10. Super Junior – Mr. Simple

Rounding out the Top Ten is noneotherthan Super Junior with “Mr. Simple.” I wonder what they’ll don on us for their follow-up single. Anyone wanna bet on them promoting a ‘cute/chipper’ song next? No, seriously, I’ve gotz moneyzzz.

Billboard Music Chart: Week of September 17, 2011


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