[Full MV] “In Heaven” by JYJ

It’s been a very long time since these three have stepped foot in Korea to promote their music, but with brand new music up their sleeves and a lovely new MV to their recent release, “In Heaven,” we may actually get to see them bust a move or two this fall. Check it out!

MV Commentary:

Junsu is the lead. Which automatically makes this the best thing ever. Of course, it’s your typical angsty, drama-infested MV with some death and wonky mind-fuckery. It’s shot really nicely, especially that flying Junsu-butt at the end. Oh yeahh.

Don’t shoot me, but I’m not loving the song. It’s great. It’s pretty. It’s so JYJ (yeah, I pick up on their style), but it’s nothing too phenomenal. Lovely harmonies, though.


5 thoughts on “[Full MV] “In Heaven” by JYJ

  1. haha, when I first saw the Music Video all that registered was ‘Junsu… female… Junsu… with female’. But once I got over that phase, I agree, it’s a great Music Video. Though seeing the ex-DBSK boys in an MV involving plot almost takes be aback. Like- plot.

    Aah, I thought I was the only one who was’t to hyped over the song. The teaser came out the same day as KARA’s STEP Music Video, and I was more hyped over KARA’s single ): But I need to cut them some slack, I mean they did compose/write the thing themselves, which is something almost unheard of in the general K-Pop scene in the first place (tbh, I think their style is becomign detached from the k-pop scene in general…). I’m not sure they’re at the level to really create something phenomenal yet. But my babies, growing into artists :’) So proud.

    • I’m trying to give KARA’s Step a listen (the album that is), but I’m finding it hard to puke coherent words onto a review. I mean, I don’t hate it, but it’s just…so…OKAY. You know? no? I’ll have to give it another listen…

      • I… didn’t bother listening to the album. Honestly, I can’t ask too much of KARA. Their albums are hardly every particularly stellar, it’s always just the title song I’m excited for. And they tend to not let me down on that part so, yeah…

        What did you think of the title song though? Are you all over it like everyone else is :D I thought it was their best post-Sunghee single so far, and then the plagiarism claims starting arriving…

  2. I like the song but I’m more interested in the rest of the album such as Fallen Leaves, You’re and The Boy’s Letter. Since I love ballad song, I’m more eager to hear they sing with such depth and emotion especially Junsu. Not so many singers or idols can sing like that & I believe each of JYJ members are able to sing their part perfectly without any doubt ^^

  3. i think i catch that “jyj style” – yeah, it’s pulling and pushing you but it didn’t get you anywhere, it’s raw and kinda flat (listen to mission or pierrot or song without a name… that’s what i mean). it has “different-from-our-usual-kpop” melodies, but it’s not getting anywhere. still, imo this is my (lol) jaejoong’s best song he ever composed. it has richer tones than his other songs (ex. pierrot), love that “kkajima kkajima” things before the end. ^^
    mv-wise, i love this. flying junsu’s butt is a legend! kke.

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