Friday Linkables: the reviews are in…

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Son Dongwoon‘s presence in today’s Friday Linkables, shall we? It’s not everyday that a god-like superhuman walks among us, so pay your respects ladies and gentlemen. Or thou shalt face the consequences.

Preface: A review or ‘analysis’ doesn’t always have to be written by someone who works within the industry ~ at least that’s how I see it ~ because writing a review is about getting a point across moreso than proving your place to do so. Credentials play very little (in my opinion) when it comes to telling people what you think and feel about music. We all have an opinion, right, and we’re entitled to it. But what sets us apart is the way in which we express them, and frankly, it takes a little more than just having an opinion to be able to write a review, or analysis, or an op-ed. Some people are just good at taking what they hear and putting it into words, and it’s this putting into words that is admirable in a person who ventures into this field of Music Journalism, because you know what – it’s not easy!

With that said, the content I read isn’t so much ‘technically’ driven as it is entertaining. I have a thing for fun blogs and after a day of school and projects and work, ‘fun’ is pretty much all I need.

Today’s Friday Linkables is dedicated to the critics.

I know that everybody and their mothers has something to say about everything, but these following peeps don’t just speak their minds via critical analysis, but do it consistently, entertainingly, and with zero coats of sugar.

They’re also hilarious bloggers who hash out fun posts and are so on top of their pop-culture-shit, that I go to them to keep myself in the loop. Here’s a select few bloggers who write about pop music, and whose blogs I’ve been reading for quite some time.

1. Paul of Fizzy Pop!!

I found Paul’s blog through Pop Reviews Now, and I think my favorite segment he offers is ‘Single Selection,’ where he highlights current songs out and about in the pop world that most of us have probably never heard of had he not discovered them. I don’t even know how he finds some of this stuff, so hats off to you, Paul, for them archeology skills.

Single Selection ~ Gravitonas, The Wanted and Ed Drewett…

Single Selection: Aqua, Tove Styrke and Le Kid…

2. Mike of Pop Trash Addicts

Mike is another pop culture maven, slaying pop-tarts left and right like some stealthy pop-ninja with bedazzled throwing stars. As you have noticed, I love pop music, and it’s pop blogs such as these that I think are the best places to find the good stuff. Or, as the title implies, to find my temporary fix.

Miss Kelly’s Revenge

Songs of the (American) Summer

3. Nicole of Pop Reviews Now

When I first started writing reviews on a consistent basis, I didn’t know anyone else who was doing the same thing…until I found Nicole. Nikki is probably one of my closer blogging buddies, especially since we both review Kpop. She’s good at it, too. She’s really fun and sweet when you talk to her, but girl takes her music seriously in her reviews. She knows what she likes, but she also understands music, so her approach is definitely in the technical side of things, which I enjoy. We also review together on this little project known as The Kpop Panel.which *cough, cough* is making a comeback *cough, cough*

SNSD’s Vocal Prowess: The Good, The Bad and The Ones Who Lack Something

The 2011 First Quarter K-Pop Report: Part 2

There are definitely more critics out there, especially of the Kpop variety (which has seen an influx recently), but I had to show the veterans some love. I hope Godwoon has made your experience here worthwhile. And if not, screw you.

Have a good weekend, and see you all next week for another round of Friday Linkables!


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