[Review] ‘Neverland’ by U-KISS

“U-KISS are no longer pushing noise into our ears. They’re showcasing a clear vision in style, and most importantly, that the group has actual talent worth observing.

‘Neverland’ is a nice reflection of where U-KISS stands, musically. Although it’s not a perfect album, because there are times when it drags just a tad, the thing about this album is that it shows promise. There’s still unplowed territory to be discovered, and auto-tune be damned, they’re set on exploring it.”

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3 thoughts on “[Review] ‘Neverland’ by U-KISS

  1. I think this may be one of my favourite albums this year… next to Fact or Fiction. But I don’t know, I feel like this as more weight, simply because it’s U-Kiss and I thought they’d just be sucking forever and ever when they first started. But I really thought this album was fantastic :’) So proud of the boys.

    Also, the album has left me confident enough to admit it: I’m attracted to Kevin. Was that too fast? Let’s not talk about it ever again.

    • I finally had hope for u-kiss when they released 0330, and this pretty much solidified their new-found presence in the kpop scene. they may not be winning any awards (like those matter), but whatever. this album was great and it speaks for itself. i mean, just listening to their older material gives me the wrong kind of chills.

      And about kevin – wow. just, wow. he kind of creeped me out when he went shirtless and uber muscular. it was just…weird. but while we’re having a ‘let’s spill the beans on which members we’re strangely more attracted to now more than ever’ moment, i just have one name, and one name only to throw out there: AJ :X *walks away*

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