[Full MV] “A-Cha” by Super Junior

Disdain for the song and MV aside, I LOVE this photo of Leeteuk. WERK IT, homeboy!

Well, well, well, what have we here?

Why, if it isn’t Super Junior’s latest music video for their latest single, A-tothe-CHA!!!

Wait – am I sounding a little over-enthusiastic? If you guessed yes, then you’re damn right. No one should be enthusiastic period with this MV, because if you ask me, it is the most uninspired thing since the creation of “Mr. Simple” and its MV, which pretty much redefined the word ‘uninspired’, and don’t you get me started on that one.

My review on the album will come in the near future *readies his armor and shield* For now, watch “A-Cha.” All 3 minutes and 23 seconds of its glorious 1 dimension and its fabulously crappy green screens.

Sarcasm aside, if there’s one thing that really annoys the hell out of me in this music video, it’s the whoosh-y sound effects made when Super Junior flip their coats around and jump in slow motion. It’s the exact same sfx utilized repeatedly, and if these sound designers knew anything, it would be that our ears are extremely sensitive to unnatural sounds. When you re-use something as simple as a whoosh, our ears recognize it, making it more obvious that it wasn’t naturally there, ultimately distracting from the sound-scape rather than enhancing it.



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