[Full MV] “Lucifer” by SHINee (Japanese Version)

This isn’t Kpop news, but given SHINee‘s absence in my life, I guess we can settle for their Japanese version of “Lucifer“, whose PV dropped last weekend. Watch below!

MV Commentary:
There’s nothing really exciting about this music video. It differs slightly from the Korean version, but the general ‘feel’ is the same, which I guess was the point. It almost looks like they made up for not releasing a J-version of “Ring Ding Dong” by squishing its MV with that of their “Lucifer” one. Fashion choices are still questionable, and the scenes where the boys are twirling their fingers around that weird flying essence-stuff looks even more ridiculous than in the original. I don’t particularly like the way the dance scenes were shot. The choreography is AMAZING, yet it comes across messy and completely uninspired. GRRRR!

I’ll be honest, the excitement and overall batshitcrazy-ness that came with SHINee’s Korean release of “Lucifer” is NO WHERE NEAR the same level as it is for this one, at least not on my end of the fandom. I mean, were any of you around when fans re-defined the word EPIC on the comments section of Omonatheydidn’t (see HERE, and HERE)

I know they’re churning out every single in their archives so they can start cross-promoting Japanese and Korean material in the future, but I’m sure somewhere in Japan, SHINee were expecting riots (online and off) close to what they experienced in 2010. That’s definitely not the case, which is kind of sad since they’re a bunch of pretty talented boys who deserve that kind of response, wherever they’re promoting. Then again, Japanese activities have been extremely dull this year, so I don’t blame fans for not spamming the hell out of every corner on the internet like last year. Here’s to seeing them ring ding dong their way back onto Korean soil soon. Kpop just isn’t the same without you!



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