[Full MV] “Like The Birds” by FT Island

FT Island is back with a brand new music video for their remake album, “MEMORY IN FT ISLAND“, which I’m having high hopes for, especially if they decided to remake some angsty oldies. To be totally honest, that’s pretty much the only way I like my FT Island. Always have, always will. This chipper new style is nice and I love seeing them smile, but I’ll take their melodramatic selves any day.

This song is a remake of the original sung by Byun Ji Sup back in 1988.

Check out the MV below!

MV Commentary:
They look so beautiful! It’s weird, it’s like they keep getting prettier every year. Amazing. Didn’t care too much for the video, but the color pallet and filters were nice. The desert shots kind of remind me of the ones in “Run” by Epik High. And as for the song, it’s not bad at all. I’m getting serious “I Hope” vibes from it, so I guess that’s a good thing.

Dear Jae Jin,
I want you out of the blonde.
your one and only.



9 thoughts on “[Full MV] “Like The Birds” by FT Island

  1. Oh there’s some angst…the second track is <33333. The rest is really really pretty….I think Hongki described this album as being "warm" and "romantic" and i think that describes it perfectly. Jaejin finally gets some more lines in this album and it's so smooth in contrast with Hongki, I die a little inside.

    And i say Jaejin should keep the blonde if he looks like this: http://twitpic.com/6wjtua


    • I just listened to the album and I’m very happy. They out-did themselves in all the right ways. I hate to admit it, but ‘Return’ just wasn’t doing it for me, but I’m so glad to hear the boys back to a more romantic style. It suits them really well.

      As for Jae Jin, O_O that photo is gorgeous. Maybe if he styled it better, I could appreciate the color. But I have always preferred him in a darker hue. The only member I liked in blonde was Jonghoon. mmmmmm

      • To be honest, I wasn’t feeling RETURN much either. :/ This does seem much more like them. I ordered the album because I loved it so much.

        Jonghun was smoking hot blonde. Hongki could pull it off too, but then it got longer and IDK….. Jaejin is so photogenic, he drives me nuts, in a good way of course. :D

        Can’t wait to see your review!

  2. I LOVE Jaejin’s blonde look… but maybe that’s because I didn’t appreciate the dark atomic bomb ‘shroom with the glasses from a while ago, and I’d never considered blonde for him. Ever. Jonghoon is hot as a blonde though… Wow. Birds seems like a simple song, easy to learn with a catchy chorus (I wonder what the sheet music is like?) HD-quality and good-looking idols saved the MV from being completely useless. Band music is so different from regular boy band shtuff… Loved seeing them playing their instruments and playing with each other. I wish the MV had more of a concept instead of just the oh-we’re-hot-let’s-play-around-in-the-desert. Looking forward to your review!

  3. Oh, so it’s Jonghoon in the header? I was wondering who that was. Reminds me of Dongwoon during his blonde days (*swooooooon*).

    Really feeling “Even My Tears” and “That Person in Shinsadong” off this album. FT Island is kind of made to cover songs – Hongki’s voice makes everything better :) I’m waiting for him to cover a Yoon Jong-shin song – my life would be complete.

    • It’s Jae Jin! And I totally see the Dongwoon resemblances, haha.

      This mini made me happy. They kept it nice and mellow, and Hongki’s voice sounds better than ever.

  4. eee!!!
    i think that’s what ftislands’ fans like most about them. ANGSTY, ANGSTY, ANGSTY!

    to date, i still listen to their old songs. Lovesick, After Love, Until You Return. Their new ones like Bad woman, Missing You and Love Love Love are great too. Put them on the loop and i’ll never get tired listening all day. I agree with some comments up here about ‘Return’. The old formula is still working for them, why change it?

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