[Review][Album] Secret – “Moving In Secret”

It’s no secret that these girls have a lady boner for the 50s. I thought it was only the Wonder Girls, but it seems Secret is hell-bent on overtaking those has-beens (honestly, right?) with their first full-length album, “Moving In Secret“.

Music Video – Secret – Love Is Move

Of course they disabled embedding, because why would you want people to view your music video?

Secret first dabbled in the retro concept in 2010 with “Magic” and proceeded to recycle it with “Madonna” six months later. They then took it a step further this year when they introduced the aegyo-infested “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight“, both of which garnered mass popularity because nothing beats sexy mamas scrubbing their faces with clutched fists, right?

Luckily, “Moving In Secret” drops most of this aegyo in favor of the “fierceness” they first jived to.

Secret is incredibly talented. Possibly one of the most well rounded girl groups out there right now, but all their effort revolves around the same tired shit, and I think I’ve reached a point where I can’t listen to it anymore. How sad is life?

But wait, that’s their thing!

Yeah, sure. But a retro concept that was once engaging and fun, i.e. “Magic” and “Madonna” (omma omma omma!), is now corny and deprived of the special qualities it had in the beginning.

Secret’s lead single, “Love Is Move“, tries so fucking hard to go back to that, but it’s too theatrical for its own good. Their producers over thought it this time, incorporating cheesy beachside toots and whistles a laPump It” by Black Eyed Peas. It’s an alright tune, but definitely short of impressive.

Where this album begins to show signs of something to shake my honey thighs to is in the tracks that aren’t littered with gimmicks. A few tracks, like “Movie Star” and “Bastard“, are downright fantastic and they prove that somewhere in Korea someone knew how far to push the retro influences before making it sound like poop. Even less of a poop-fest is “Together“, one of the several slower songs that takes me back to Secret’s humble beginnings.

Given that potential, why do they keep serving that which has already been beaten to a bloody pulp by countless other teenyboppers that aren’t half the women that Secret are? There are some pretty damn amazing moments in this album, but how am I supposed to appreciate those moments wholeheartedly as a thoughtful fan when the girls themselves can’t get it together in the lead single?

Oh, that’s right, most K-pop audiences couldn’t give two shits about the quality of music.

via Asian Junkie

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2 thoughts on “[Review][Album] Secret – “Moving In Secret”

  1. my first thought listening to this album?

    “…didn’t SISTAR *just* release a full album along these lines? >__> ”

    in any case, I have to wholeheartedly agree with ‘together’ and ‘bastard’, easily my fave two picks on there. I’d even include track 7.

    but the rest of this was just….yeah, been there, done that, moving on.

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