POLL: What Was The Best Album Of 2011?

The year is coming to an end, folks! And as we bid adieu to 2011, it’s about that time of year when we look back at all the musical deliverables brought to us by our favorite KPOP artists!

This year, McRoth’s Residence will be naming one (and only one) album “Of The Year“. It’s the blog’s first time doing this, so to keep you on your toes, the top honor will be revealed at the end of December.

To add to the festivities, we’re also following the tradition and naming the Top Kpop Songs Of 2011 (TKSO), Top Mini-Album of 2011Top MVs Of 2011, and, of course, some Honorable Mentions for good measure.

Before we get things moving, I’m sure you’ve noticed the lovely Poll below.

Along with my (McRoth‘s) choice for album of the year, the readers of McRoth’s Residence (i.e., you) will have your say as to what album deserves to be named the Best Of 2011. This means that the blog will not only feature my choice for top honor, but a voters choice honor as well!


There are two rules:

  1. you are allowed to vote for three (3) albums at the most in one voting session,
  2. voting is unlimited, but you can only vote every six (6) hours

Does that make sense? Basically, vote for three albums (or just one) every six hours. Vote a lot, because voting ends in three weeks.

That means gather your thoughts, listen to your favorite albums, and decide which ones were the best of 2011, from beginning to end without skipping tracks (if applicable). At the end, only one voters choice will be announced.

I know it sounds like a challenge, but remember that I’m doing this too, so I’ll see you soon when I announce the next set of end-of-year special posts!


UPDATE: After much consideration, all mini-albums have been removed from this poll. Here’s the best part, there will now be a second poll to decide – you guessed it – the top mini album of 2011. That opens up voting even further and broadens the Kpop spectrum. Look out for that in a separate post soon!!


17 thoughts on “POLL: What Was The Best Album Of 2011?

  1. I didn’t really feel like there were any really “good” albums this year. Sure, there were a couple of great tracks here and there, but no one album really floored me. :-/

    • Just updated the list. This will probably be the only update to the list, so choose from the albums available. And if any others are left out, well…sorry? :)

  2. i hate playing favorites with my k-pop. i’ll probably vote three different albums every six hours, lol. mostly though this list reminds me how many albums i DIDN’T listen to this year. for shame.

    • I know! It was a very close call, but considering BLAQ Style was a full album, it kind of had to be on this list. The several mini albums in here are only a part of this list because they have enough variety and an extended tracklist to be contenders.

  3. Tablo was a definite for sure. I also voted for 2ne1’s mini album because i like all of the songs on there. I loved 4men but their album is not one i listen to over and over again so i didn’t vote for them. Beast and Wonder girls both had good songs that i liked but i didn’t really love the other songs on there. So i voted for Seungri’s vvip. :) I don’t know why but his songs on there are just so pretty. I was listening to it last night and i loved all the songs.

  4. I guess I didn’t listen to enough albums this year.. so it would be incredibly bias of me to vote on this poll. I really did enjoy everything YG and JYP put out this year though.

  5. If only Japanese activities were included, I would’ve totally voted the hell out of DBSK’s “Tone” and SNSD’s album.

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