POLL: What Was The Best Mini-Album Of 2011?

After much consideration, I have removed all mini-albums from the “Best Album Of 2011” poll and moved them here, where votes will be accumulated to reveal readers choice for Top Mini-Album Of 2011!

That’s right. It’s a last-minute adjustment, but it’s for the best. Now there is a second poll, a second honor, and a second chance for you to vote for your favorite music of 2011. You can’t beat that.

This poll opens the voting even further and broadens the Kpop spectrum. I transferred all of the mini-albums from the other poll and went ahead and sprinkled in a few more for good measure.

The same rules apply:

  1. you are allowed to vote for three (3) mini-albums at the most in one voting session,
  2. voting is unlimited, but you can only vote every six (6) hours

Does that make sense? Basically, vote for three mini-albums (or just one) every six hours. Vote a lot, because voting ends three weeks from today.

From here on, no more blind sided changes. I promise. Now go vote!



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