[Review][Album] Apollo 18 – “Black”

Last week, rock band Apollo 18 dropped their newest EP, “Black“. Here’s a teaser:

when asked about Apollo 18’s color series, Bassist Daeinn said:

“The color series was just for fun.  When we first formed we decided that we wanted to make three albums to start with so that we could experiment and try different things…” – Interview with McRoth’s Residence (2011)

And experiment they have. Apollo 18 have left bits and pieces of themselves with every EP release, and while they have a distinct sound, there has always been a sense of variety in their dynamics as a rock band.

In “Black”, Apollo 18 done blew my ears out.

The loud, if not ruthless aspect of Apollo 18’s music is much appreciated, and to hear them take that sonic experience to the next level in “Black” is a treat.

The album features four tracks – “Sonic Boom“, “Deadend“, “Corpse Flower“, and “Mur” – All of which pull me in very different directions.

From the over-the-head screamo (“Sonic Boom”), to Apollo 18’s signature instrumental interludes – “Black” is both explosive and implosive without losing its punch nor my attention.

If there’s a highlight to this EP, it’s definitely “Deadend“. It clocks in at nearly eight minutes, but length be damned because this song honed Apollo 18’s knack for constructing and deconstructing these ginormous spaces that almost swallow you whole before spitting you out with heavy guitar riffs and bass lines. I love that Apollo 18 know the magic of a great transition and these songs, albeit heavy handed, flow seamlessly.

[vimeo 32098545 w=560&h=300]
“Corpse Flower”

“Black” is an excellent delivery by Apollo 18. Even more so for the Korean rock music scene. Apollo 18’s talent is immense and the guys continue to grow every time they release an album. What’s funny though is the band has yet to unravel their talent for an official Apollo 18 full-length album. Or so they said earlier this year. Here’s hoping!

For someone whose focus is set on watching the movement of Korean pop music, it’s sometimes rewarding to venture outside of it for a change. I owed myself a good rock album and “Black” was hard-hitting enough to lay me to rest. Thanks, guys.



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