[Review][Album] Trouble Maker – “Trouble Maker”

In a bizarre move, 4minute‘s HyunA and BEAST‘s Hyunseung have teamed up to lay down the law this season with their collaborative EP, “Trouble Maker“. It’s a joint project that I couldn’t have expected, but as promotions for the co-ed group quickly began rolling, I found myself more intrigued as the days went by.

By the time the EP landed, I was frantic to hear what the fuck these two had conjured. I mean, it is HyunA. Scandalous, scandalous HyunA with Mr. Modesty, Hyunseung. Like, what on earth are these two doing together on an album?

Well, they’re unfortunately not breaking headboards, I’ll tell you that right now.

“Trouble Maker” – the EP – isn’t as rebellious as I would have liked it to be. It’s not even the least bit sexually inclined. With a title as mischievous as that, I wanted at least one baby making song.

Instead, “Trouble Maker” is light, mellow, and easygoing. HyunA, known for her excruciating raps, leaves the scratchy vocal processing  behind and delivers her cleanest performance to date. She’s trying to break out of the ‘rapper’ mold here, and I can’t really knock her for that.

However, because HyunA has no dimension to her voice/delivery, all of that hard work had very little effect on what is supposed to be a collaborative EP (see: “Time“).

On the other hand, Hyunseung pulls most of the vocal weight here, as his congested singing is the driving force of “Trouble Maker”. He’s no Yoseob, but he’s not not talented either. The dude sounds stupendous on all things R&B, and lucky for us, there’s some of that included here (see: “아무렇지 않니“)

“Trouble Maker” – the single – is a contemporary song with a sweet Maroon 5 vibe to it that is right up Hyunseung’s alley. If HyunA had brought more to the table – say, actual decent singing – it would have taken this song to the next level.

As for the rest of the EP, it’s a give and take of oohs and mehs. Most of it is reminiscent of the less flashy moments in BEAST’s “Fiction & Fact” album, as the songs are just soft and pretty. Nothing more, nothing less.

Conceptually, it almost feels like HyunA and Hyunseung were swapping roles, in that feisty HyunA became more of a supporting actress and Hyunseung took the lead as the understated charmer.

Did it work? Well, if I said the instrumental was the breakout star, would that answer your question?

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13 thoughts on “[Review][Album] Trouble Maker – “Trouble Maker”

  1. I kinda feel bad for Hyunseung. I knew him from watching the bigbang live where they were about to debut. And I can see why YG rejected him even if he was a better singer that Seungri and had dancing skills. He was too shy on stage and he difficulty showing facial expressions. Next to GD, TOP, and Taeyang, who were the definite members, he would be completely overshadowed. Seungri had the charisma to stand out on stage and he was confident even if it did sometimes come off as arogance. YG saw that which is why he was int he bottom two but Seungri proved that he did have vocal talent and not just dancing talent when he sang a ballad and shocked them because they were expecting a hip-hop/dance song. This project group further proves that Hyunseung really is not that charismatic. His voice is really good and he looks amazing but nothing unique. I hope through this and the promotions he will learnt to adapt and become a better performer. Troublemaker is a good song but i also thinks its because of the instrumental especially that catchy whistling.

  2. I agree with the HyunA part, I was wondering why I couldn’t hear her as well.
    I feel like they could have gotten a girl with a stronger voice from 4Minute.
    Sometime HyunA just seems a bit overrated. :T
    As much as I love Hyunseung, he is just so… quiet and awkward.

  3. i was expecting this, to be honest. but again, Cube only use hyunA to sell her body (which is too bad), all those touching everywhere (i’m not jealous, just mad at Cube how they use such a concept for its artists). The title track itself is pretty good, but the rest of the songs… if they’re working under Trouble Maker name, don’t you expect something sexy, upbeat, heavy music following it? 3 mellow tracks and one average-upbeat song… sigh… instead of hyunA, why not involving 4minute’s vocalist? and about can’t hear hyunA’s voice, i agree. it’s more like Hyunseung’s solo project than 2Hyun project. i love you hyunA, but this project is not for you. fail concept, overall.

  4. watching the video and listening to the song it feels like Hyuna is just an extra no offense to the fans but it would have been better if only HyunSeung sang the whole song you can’t hear Hyuna well on the whole song..it would have been better if she sang more clearer though

  5. i’m glad the whole album is like Hyunseung ft. Hyuna coz i won’t listen to the songs if she sings more than him..btw “The Words I Don’t Want To Hear” is kinda similar to “The Fact”

  6. what was said made sense.

    but i believe CUBE is just using this as a spring board for both, most especially Hyunseung.
    why Hyuna you guys up above ask. it’s because she is the money-maker and the face of 4minute.come on, when the group debuted, CUBE relied heavily on her. even if you put the 2 vocalist of 4minute here, they can’t beat her star power, her sex appeal. Trouble Maker won’t be as successful as it is now.why do you think she was given the solol project again instead of jiyoon?cuz people know her.this is still business.sure sure, trouble maker was in the hot seat for stupid reasons, like the choreography, but no matter what the reason, it is still publicity. bad publicity is still publicity.and only Hyuna could’ve pulled off this publicity.it’s because it’s Hyuna.

    as for why Hyunseung, like i said earlier, it’s a stepping stone. if you really look at it, this project is actually hyunseung ft. hyuna.he is one of the least known guys in B2ST, and pairing him with Hyuna, the most recognizable in 4minute, made sense.if it was anybody else in 4minute,the whole project wouldn’t make that much of an impact.
    if you notice,most reaction of the people all over, they keep on praising Hyunseung.saying he really shined here, and that Hyuna really doesn’t have talent.if he was paired with either of the vocalist of 4minute,there is a possiblity he would be overshadowed by them, vocal-wise.
    Hyuna and Hyunseung both make up for what they lack: Hyuna brought the appeal, the recognition to Hyunseung’s lack of it, and Hyunseung brought the vocal skills to Hyuna’s lack thereof. with Hyuna, his vocal skills really shined at the same time, Hyuna provided him the exposure, the recognition.

    odd it may be, but their collaboration actually works.

    i guess with B2ST, CUBE is really trying to launch them individually.

  7. 니 눈을 보면 난 Trouble Maker
    니 곁에 서면 난 Trouble Maker
    조금씩 더 더 더
    갈수록 더 더 더
    이젠 내 맘을 나도 어쩔 수 없어

    니가 나를 잊지 못하게 자꾸 니 앞에서 또
    니 맘 자꾸 내가 흔들어 벗어날 수 없도록
    니 입술을 또 훔치고 멀리 달아나버려
    난 Trou a a a ble! Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!

    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!

    니 맘을 깨물고 도망칠 거야 고양이처럼
    넌 자꾸 안달이 날 거야 내 앞으로 와 어서 화내보렴
    내 섹시한 걸음 니 머리 속에 발동을 거는
    은근한 스킨십 얼굴에 비친 못 참아 죽겠단 니 눈빛

    갈수록 깊이 더 빠져들어 알수록 니가 더 맘에 들어 Baby
    아무래도 니 생각에 취했나봐 Lady
    I never never never stop!

    니가 나를 잊지 못하게 자꾸 니 앞에서 또
    니 맘 자꾸 내가 흔들어 벗어날 수 없도록
    니 입술을 또 훔치고 멀리 달아나버려
    난 Trou a a a ble! Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!

    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!

    어떻게 널 내 맘에 담아둘 수 있는지 (Trouble Maker)
    그냥 내 맘이 가는대로 이젠
    I never never stop!
    멈출 수 없어

    니가 나를 잊지 못하게 자꾸 니 앞에서 또
    니 맘 자꾸 내가 흔들어 벗어날 수 없도록
    니 입술을 또 훔치고 멀리 달아나버려
    난 Trou a a a ble! Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!

    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!
    Trouble Maker!

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  9. I think that it works because if you imagine Hyuna not part of troublemaker, and another member of 4minute, no one would really watch it. Hyuna buys the popularity while Hyunseung does the vocals to also gain popularity. His popularity rate actually increased so much after troublemaker and he won’t be noticed without her.

    • Very true! It’s been quite a while since this review was written, and since then I completely agree that HyunA carried this group to its popularity today.

      Thanks for the comment!

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