[Review][Single] Infinite – “White Confession (Lately)”

As if Infinite weren’t already one of my top five favorite Kpop boy bands of this generation, they had to go and tug at my heartstrings with a damned Christmas song.

White Confession (Lately)” was released this week as Infinite’s first winter single.

The key to a really great Christmas pop song is to not over think it. If an artist stays too traditional, things end up cheesy. Step too far out of the box and the song starts losing meaning. Christmas songs have to be done just right for them to work, especially if they’re original. “Lately” is a perfect example of how I think it aught to be done.

“Lately” was composed by Sweetune, who also worked with Infinite on their previous albums. Given the fact, it definitely explains why this single sounds so…Infinite.

“Lately” was pushed just enough for it to feel like a Christmas song. It has all the bells, whistles, and strings to fit the bill, but what’s really special about “Lately” is that it’s an Infinite single through and through. What I mean is that it was composed with Infinite in mind, and thus makes it easy to identify it with the group.

In “Lately”, every member plays their role and in the end it all comes together as perfectly as it does in any Infinite single. You have a dash of an 80’s influence, a sprinkle of rap, and a good serving of Infinite harmonies. It’s all right there.

This just so happens to be a little more Christmas-y than usual, that’s all.


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