TKSO2011: Before We Begin…

It’s time, y’all.

Here at McRoth’s Residence, I like to end the year with a special blog post known as the ‘Top Kpop Songs of The Year‘. For the blog’s third annual roundup, I decided to split the special in two parts. The first – the Mid Year Roundup – covered Kpop releases between January and June of 2011 (found here). The second, which I’m preparing to present to you this week, will feature songs released between July and December.

Here’s how we’ve broken things down –

> Nineteen (19) of these songs were chosen by me (McRoth), and three (3) a piece by contributing writers drowningn00b and lolpenny. That’s 25 songs, plus the 25 from the Mid Year Roundup, and the grand total is 50 top kpop songs of the year. Whew!

> The rules:

  • Kpop songs are chosen by us (the writers) based on either their notability, catchy-ness, and/or any other aspect of interest that would render them ‘top song’ material in Korean pop music.
  • Unlike last year’s ‘Top Kpop Songs of The Year‘, this list won’t be categorized by month. Instead, all 25 songs will be listed alphabetically, and in no particular order.
  • Songs are eligible if:
    • they were released by a Kpop idol, group, artist, and/or other popular musician between July and December 2011
    • they were a part of a Korean pop album, mini-album, digital release, OST or other promotional single (Japanese material from a Korean artist does not qualify)
  • only one (1) mention per artist/group/album is allowed in this special with the exception of solo material and/or projects from a group (i.e. PARK BOM/2NE1, SEUNGRI/BIGBANG); same restrictions apply to the solo artist(s). This means that sub-units and solo artists count as one ‘mention’ in addition to their proper mother-group.

As a long time Korean pop enthusiast, it has always felt right, especially around this time, to gather the highest quality songs that Korean pop had to offer into a batch of greatness, flawlessness, and utter pop-tastic bliss. After all, that’s always been the focus of this blog. I’ve already taken you through twenty-five of these songs and it is time to reveal the rest in this year’s Top Kpop Songs Of 2011.

Be ready in T minus five days…


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