Reader’s Choice: Best Album Of 2011

The week before last, I asked you guys a very simple question :

What was the best album of 2011?

Instantly hundreds of you began to vote. Some so dedicated, that at times the leader board seemed like a mother-flippin’ battle field. A damn near blood bath!

And when I was certain one album had finally snatched the top spot for good, in came a dark horse to claim the throne.

What a victory, you guys.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Below you will find the album that blog readers chose as the best of 2011!


Congratulations, Navi!!! Your fans must be high-class ninjas, because they absolutely slaughtered the poll when I wasn’t looking.

For those a little fuzzy on Navi, here’s a snippet of my “Hello” review, written earlier this year:

“Those of you familiar with solo singer Navi know that she is widely referred to as the Queen of Covers (i.e, “2 Different Tears”, “Hot Issue”, “It Hurts” )…

…But covering songs is one thing.  Providing new and original music stripped of popularity and recognition is a completely different ball game.

Hello” sees Navi step out of the shadow of her endearing title and into full stride as she utilizes her raw talent to captivate, all on her terms and under nobody’s name but her own.” – [Review] “Hello” by Navi

What can I say, my readers have great taste in music. ;)

Thanks to everyone for participating and I’ll see you soon when I reveal Reader’s Choice for Best Mini-Album.

Here are the rest of the albums that placed in the top five:

BLAQStyle by MBLAQ, Fiction & Fact by B2ST, Fever's End by Tablo, In Heaven by JYJ


4 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice: Best Album Of 2011

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