Reader’s Choice: Best Mini-Album Of 2011

For the past three weeks, you guys have been bombarding the polls. I’ve tallied the votes and now it’s time to reveal your choice for “Best Mini-Album Of 2011”.

For comparative purposes, here are the albums that climbed to the top of the list but were just shy of snagging this year’s reader’s choice:

2. Big Bang – “The 5th Mini Album”

3. MBLAQ – “Mona Lisa”

4. Seungri – “VVIP”

5. Dalmatian – “1st Mini Album”

All great mini albums (some of my favorites), but none came close to receiving the amount of love you showed to this year’s top winner…

Congratulations, 2NE1! The baddest bitches Seoul City’s ever had are literally THE best of 2011 according to McRoth’s Residence readers.

Apart from setting roofs on fire and training Rattatas, 2NE1 actually released pretty kick-ass music this year. I’m pleased to see readers acknowledge these ladies for the queens they are.

As a recap, here’s a tidbit of one of my reviews from earlier this year:

“This year, 2NE1 plowed through the summer with “I Am The Best” (Review), which not only brought back the kicking chaos they’re known for, but [also a pleasant] restrain on jarring vocal processing…

2NE1 also showcased a fresher side; “Hate You” (Review) was calm, cool, and collected, while “Lonely” (Review) took the lead as one of 2NE1′s most memorable releases of the year…” – 2NE1 review, courtesy of allkpop.com

I’ll be revealing my picks for best album and best mini-album tomorrow, so keep a look out. And remember:

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