[Review][Album] SHINee – “The FIRST”

Is it weird that I feel a sense of pride as SHINee drop their first full-length album in Japan this month? Despite their pathetic album sales thus far, I still love the hell out of SHINee and I’ve been semi-present to cheer them on and watch them grow, and they’ve done exactly that.

Honestly though, “The First” is both odd and surprising. On one hand, it features a load of old singles. “Lucifer” and “Amigo“? Oh my. On the other hand, “The First” clearly attempts to re-debut SHINee with a gigantic amount of concepts to showcase “diversity” and “versatility”, both of which are surprisingly achieved with a moderate degree of success

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McRoth is a writer for Asian Junkie. Due to McRoth’s exclusively retarded relationship with Korean pop music, he doesn’t review any Japanese material, regardless if it spewed out of an idol’s ass or not. However, all Japanese reviews that McRoth DOES decide to write can be found in full on asianjunkie.com.


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