A Word From Tuc: Dear Jessica, GTFO

A wild troll appears. Everybody, welcome Tuc from CPOP review blog Aiya Tuc! As a long time Kpop listener, Tuc’s seen the best and, unfortunately, the worst of this monster. As an affiliate, I’ve agreed to let Tuc toss in his two cents on the things that make his skin crawl in Kpop here on McRoth’s Residence. Today, he shares a short memo to the bane of his existence – Jessica of SNSD. Beware: hard trolling in action. Not for the faint of heart.

I fail to see the appeal in SNSD‘s Jessica. Hell, I fail to the see appeal in a whole host of these KPOP idols, but that is a rant for another time. Let’s get back to Jessica. It seems that her die-hard fans have somehow come to the conclusion that she’s a holy “~angel~” when it comes to singing. Well, let me tell you, folks, if angels in heaven sounded like little-miss-horse-face here, I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t be giving eternal damnation in the fire pit such a bad rap. In any case, let’s hear this dear “angel” in action, shall we?

The song actually starts off quite beautifully as flawless Seohyun graces us with her greatly underrated vocals. Jieun doesn’t do too shabby a job herself, either, and Gain, while clearly not as prepared as the former two, does a pretty satisfactory job. And then there was one: Jessica. I think a YouTube user expresses my sentiments best:

What’s with the 4th girl that sang with an annoying voice who woke up all dogs and cats in the neighborhood. Is she like 13 years old trying out for disney?

Indeed, YouTube user. What is with the fourth girl singing with the annoying voice that woke up all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood? With a voice that gratingly high, shallow, and nasally, I’m surprised Alvin and the Chipmunks haven’t offered her a spot on their crew yet. What are your thoughts, Simon Cowell?

Simon and Jessica

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


16 thoughts on “A Word From Tuc: Dear Jessica, GTFO

  1. I also agree.

    I love SNSD, but Jessica’s voice bothers me. I wish SNSD would split to subgroups for awhile and let her and Tiffany do that annoying ‘oooOOOooooOOoooOOoooooooo woooooaaahhh WoooooOOOaaahHH oOooOooO” crap they do in their own little place. Let SM showcase the other more talented and unique voices from SNSD. But they won’t because Sica fans keep saying that Jessica has the ‘voice of an angel’.

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  3. I’m not going to defend Jessica’s voice say it’s the “voice of an angel”, but I personally don’t dislike it, it’s something she was born with that no amount of training can change, unless there’s plastic surgery for people’s throats too LOL.

    And is this a troll comment too? Gain “does a pretty satisfactory job”!? I guess I must take it as such because she was the one that f’ed up the performance for me. Sorry, no amount of “satisfactory” singing can make up for that gibberish, this classic Christmas song deserved better.

  4. Ahaaa, finally! I feel the same way too about Jessica’s voice. Its so nasally and shrill, and it fits more so towards the cutesy side of snsd songs. Personally, I guess I don’t hate it and she is still one of the more consistent ones live of snsd, but it still get’s on my nerves. How is she the second main vocalist of SNSD? Seohyun and Tiffany, even Sooyoung are better then her.

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  6. i like her but not her voice. Tiffany sounds much more solid than her. hell, i even like Hyoyeon’s husky/low/throaty voice.

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