A Word From Tuc: Hyuna a Dancing Queen in 10 Years? lolwut


If there’s anyone I hate more than SNSD‘s Jessica, it’s got to be 4minute‘s Hyuna. What really grinds my gears about Hyuna is the fact that she is clearly an untalented and dirty slut, yet she has somehow convinced her fans otherwise. I mean, even she knows she’s a slut; she even fucking says so in “Mirror Mirror!” HOW MUCH MORE CLEAR OF A MESSAGE DO YOU NEED, NETIZENS!?

Anywhore, the only way I can possibly believe that this bitch has become so overexposed and popular is due to the fact that she’s probably been “making her rounds,” if you catch my drift. You know… “Working her corner,” helping some music execs “blow off” some “steam.” *COUGH COUGH COUGH* So, her latest midnight-visit was evidently to some weekly movie magazine which asked readers who they thought would be dubbed a “dancing queen” ten years from now. It goes without saying, at this point, that pole-dancing Barbie here snagged the top spot, gaining 56% of the “votes.”

Luckily, sensible netizens have rallied to express their distaste over this blasphemous result:

Hyuna? You know people keep saying this girl can dance but i have yet to see her do actual choreo that doesn’t include her grinding against air.

Once again….Hyuna isn’t even the best dancer in her own group.

Hyuna dances like a stripper.

hyuna is not good at singing, rapping, or even dancing. all she does is hump and bump and grind. the girls lack of talent is so pathetic it’s not even funny =/

come on now, hyuna is just ruining kpop by making it so trashy. being nasty and skanky just comes so naturally for her. there is a huge difference between being sexy and skanky, and while SNSD are pros at being sexy and classy, hyuna might as well become a PORN STAR. everything about her is so nasty. her slutty body movements, that sex face, those sex noises. she’s just so EWW.

Etc… etc… etc… Bravo, netizens. Maybe there is hope for the future yet! But, then again, there are also a handful of these babies:

STOP BASHING HYUNA AND STOP CALLING HER SLUTTY!!! Everyone who is bashing her just watched her dancing in her MV’s. I agree that she wasnt really dancing in her latest MVs. But if you havent watched her real dancing videos then you shouldn’t hate on her.
I’m freaking tired of these haters who bash HyunA and saying she hasn’t talent at all.

Boo-fucking-hoo. Maybe I’ll stop bashing Hyuna when she figures out how to do more than one highly overrated (yet oddly perfected) dance move:


Of course, in retrospect, that’s probably the only dance move she needs to know anyway.



12 thoughts on “A Word From Tuc: Hyuna a Dancing Queen in 10 Years? lolwut

  1. Everyone says that she is such a great dancer, but I have yet to see her prove that. I watched some of her Dancing With the Stars stuff and was not impressed. To be a dancing queen, like BoA for example, she would suddenly have to learn how not to be stiff and epileptic in her movements. That and all she does is bump and grind and somehow it’s ‘amazing’.
    What really pushed it for me was her, “I don’t really try to be sexy.” argument from an interview awhile back…are you fucking kidding me? Did you not see yourself in your Bubble Pop video? Not that it was sexy, just awkward, but…really? That’s like saying that Oranges aren’t orange.

    • I also saw her DWTS run, and I was just face-palming at the video and comments. The girl cannot dance to save her life.

  2. i really like this Tuc guy. we share dislikes… jessica’s grating voice, hyuna’s fake sexiness, siwon’s self-righteousness… anyway, back to the topic. i really cannot stand hyuna. nobody in kpop does trashy like she can.

  3. I’m really loving this troll writer! We seriously have too much in common. I watched her in invincible youth and thought she was adorable, but it really irritates me when she spends more time trying to perfect her come hither look rather than her voice, rap, dance, etc. Ugh it was especially bad during the Mirror Mirror promotional period when she wouldn’t even talk-sing her part live, the fuck? Girl, please.

  4. HAHAHAHAHahah OMG HAHAHAHA that is so funny :D all of u must have really nightmares every night for beeing so jealous… HAHHA OMG, because none of u can sake the as it means Hyuna is a Bitch??!becaus she can?!!!.. OMG haha everyone of u needing a doc, and say him the reason is: because I cann´t sake my as like hyuna, that makes me really jealous…!! OMG Look in u mirror, than u will know who is the bitch in this blog…. HAHAH you`re welcome for taeching u ;)

  5. whatever you say,,i still love my hyuna,,
    whatever she do,,she is always be my best rapper and dancer
    so,what your problem,Ha!!
    you don’t know.who is she!!
    so,don’t talk any unmannerred word about her..!!!!!

    lagian napa pada rempong sehh,,hidup hidup hyuna,,,MASALAH?!!!BUAT LOH!!!

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