[Review][Album] TEEN TOP – “It’s”

Following their controversially appropriate promos for “No More Perfume On You“, TEEN TOP has finally returned to troll pedo-noonas all over again with their prepubescent presence.

On January 5th, TEEN TOP dropped their newest EP, “It’s“, and for a lack of a better term, it’s big. Big as in loud. Big as in exciting. Big as in…Big Bang? Yup, we’ll get to that in a sec

First, I have to admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for TEEN TOP, not because I’m some creepster who finds them incredibly adorable, but because I remember seeing tons of potential in them very early on in their career. I think one of the things that has really been holding them back though is a poor sense of unity among the group, not so much in regard to their relationship as band mates, but in regard to them as a vocal unit. I won’t beat a dead horse here, but the shit line distribution in TEEN TOP is enough to warrant continuous bitch fits from the boys not named Niel and Chunji. Has the Neil reign let up at all? Lol, no, no it hasn’t.

Brave Brothers produced TEEN TOP’s second mini-album, and as much as I went into this wanting to sling stones at him again, I couldn’t bring myself to do it this time because this is actually his best work in months.

The Brave Sound isn’t for everyone, that much has become incredibly clear over the last couple of years, as we’ve witnessed him take potentially amazing K-pop groups and drag them through a sea of nails. And to be fair, it’s really more a matter of him spreading himself too thin as a producer than his production tendencies, because there’s nothing particularly wrong about his style. As someone mentioned to me earlier: “Brave brothers may be repetitive as heck but his sounds have defined K-pop“, and I concur.

Brave Brothers has been around forever, and as the K-pop industry has grown, so has his audience and clientele. There’s a shit ton of groups at his disposal today, and it’s become less about who is capable of carrying out the Brave Sound and more about who and their mothers and mother’s mothers will take the Brave Sound and run with it, period.

A producer is trained and often times skilled at working with completely different artists with completely different musical angles, but there’s always going to be a niche somewhere, and rather than working around the niche for the sake of his artist, Brave Brothers works his artists around the niche. The problem is that it’s not always going to be a right fit and that has been more or less the case for most of his clients in the last year or so in K-pop.

However, there is always the chance that things will work, and lo and behold, the shit didn’t hit the fan this time.

“It’s” opens with the token self-hype intro track, “TEEN TOP“, that quickly transitions to the lead single, “Crazy” — or should I say “Last Farewell” Version 2.0 (proof). That’s right, remember when I said there’s something Big Bang about this? Well here you go. It’s so identical, you can actually dance to “Last Farewell” while listening to “Crazy”. It has the same piano line, same bark-raps, the whole nine yards, but that’s Brave Brothers for you. No shame whatsoever.

The best bits come in “Where’s Ma Girl” (the title is already mint), where TEEN TOP scavenge to find their girl amid a pretty catchy, urban banger. It features more rap than Niel singing, which is a breath of fresh air for this six. But what really stands out about this track is how effortless it is. This song is filled with tons of energy, but it’s controlled energy, so it’s really easy to get into. It has tension, it has release, and it’s basically a really fun pop song. Not to mention that I felt like repeating it after it finished. I mean, once you hit repeat, that’s it. Sold.

TEEN TOP’s “It’s” is a cheap-electronica Brave Brothers creation, and that much was no surprise, but what really caught my attention was how well most of this mini-album worked for TEEN TOP’s musical style. It’s like Brave Brothers finally found the perfect boy band that’ll go as batshit crazy as his songs, and somewhere in the production process it gelled. The songs here are fast paced and TEEN TOP actually show a little ‘tude, so much so that you almost forget that Niel is eating everybody’s lines.

TEEN TOP are young and probably extremely hyper kids that deserve age appropriate music, and this mini offers a good opportunity for them to let loose. Granted, most of it is highly generic, but the Brave production values coupled with cookie-cutter songs work just dandy for TEEN TOP.


via Asian Junkie


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