A Word From Tuc: Kids React to KPOP, Fans Go Batshit

lol kpop

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? Take, for example, this video featuring kids and tweens reacting to some KPOP music videos:

Now, for those of you that are on the dark side of KPOP (like myself), you’re probably on the floor right about now, laughing your fucking asses off. Why? Because it’s all true. I mean, seriously, these kids have not only hit the nail on the head, but they’ve driven it right into the coffins of some of these KPOP idols’ egos. Here are just a few of my favorites:

“If I listened to it too much, it’d probably just give me a headache.”

Right you are, kid. Right you are.

“God, they’re ugly.”

Tell me about it. I’m not playing for the other team or anything, but I can totally tell a hot guy from a non-hot guy. Hugh Jackman is hot. Michael Fassbender is hot. Jensen Ackles is hot. Super Junior? Sorry, but I fail to see how skinny and effeminate males even begin to tickle your loins, ladies (and some of you gentlemen). How this has a penis is beyond my scope of anatomy prowess.

“Who comes up with these names?”

No idea. I do have this theory, though, which involves copious amounts of alcohol, meth, and a dictionary.

“Well, I hope they get paid well.”

laughing cas

“I’d rather be a hobo on the street.”

Wise words, young one. I’m sure SNSD‘s Seohyun shared your sentiments after they made her do this shit.

Of course, as always, there’s also the KPOP fan’s side of the story. In today’s edition of Holy Fuck, KPOP Fans are Fucking Crazy, we investigate the vendetta that KPOP fans have begun against a bunch of kids. (There’s also an extensive debate going on about racism, social values, and parenting on a certain site “all about KPOP,” but I wouldn’t touch that shit-can of crazy with Hyuna’s fifty-foot stripper pole.) Let’s see what they have to say, shall we?

I hope these kids die!!! Picky White kids (who don’t like Kpop)! Other white ones are cool (that like Kpop)! Kpop FTW!!

I HATE, these kids because of their put downs, I’ve thought of all the same things that they have but it is the same as disliking a culture.

I just wanted to strangle some of them.


This next one is my favorite:

for butthurt kpop fans (like me) if you really wanna show ur anger dislike their video on youtube. they have to have comments checked 1st before it shows under the vid so hate messages wont work but if you show ur dissaproval that way and hopefully those kids will realize they were immature in handling this video..

Well played, KPOP fans, you’ve managed to come up with a plan of action to “get back at” a couple of kids that give as much of a fuck about KPOP as you will in ten years.

I’m glad the youth of today is spending their time productively.


17 thoughts on “A Word From Tuc: Kids React to KPOP, Fans Go Batshit

  1. KPOP itself is one big joke and those retarded-obsessed with it only add to the never ending humor.

    The good thing: they provide golden material for troll posts.

  2. I just hope the line “couple of kids that give as much of a fuck about KPOP as you will in ten years” is true. No problem with adults enjoying K-pop, but hopefully they grow out of the crazy.

    • Indeed. I’ll probably look back ten years from now and think fondly about some songs here or there, but I’ll always have my REAL music collection that will last forever.

  3. I feel like a huge party pooper crashing in on some golden trolling, but…

    To be honest, every single Kids React video I watch annoys me a little. Something about pretentious kids (looking at some of the kids is basically a gpoy of myself when I was in 7th/8th grade — which is something since I wanted to slap myself whenever I think of 13 year old me), as well as the narrow-mindedness that comes with it. There are so many things about K-Pop that are stupid, so many things, but watching the video it was like the main thing to them was the culture/language difference. Which, although isn’t anything surprising, it’s always something that makes my mouth twist when it’s in front of me. Add to this some pretentious ten year olds, and I have this face: :/ Like come on, that blonde boy in the stripes wishing he was back in the 80s — doesn’t sound like he knows much about the 80s.

    In essence: I didn’t like the video because it was another Kids React video. But they’re kids, what can you do? Believe me, every single kids react video is equally as grating as this one. And most of the things said in the video weren’t really anything new, or anything that people don’t know. I think what’s riling people up is this:

    10 year olds ‘trying too hard’ and being overly critical + the harsh reality of K-Pop some fans don’t want to accept + underlying stigma when it comes to race and social values + butthurt K-Pop fans = war against a bunch of prepubescent kids.

    (Also, Michael Fassbender? Nooooooo)

    • I didn’t like that ‘Sophie’ girl either to be honest, not because there’s anything wrong with what she said, but in pretty much every kids react video she has such a pretentious air around her. Trying too hard to be funny, trying too hard to be critical, thinking she’s so cool flaming everything. Even the way she said ‘God, they’re so ugly’ didn’t sound like something she genuinely thought, but something she said because it sounded right, and cool, and funny.

      She reminds me waaaaay too much of myself as a 13 year old ;_;

      • Sorry, I meant Athena. Not Sophie. Though Sophie isn’t that hot either. Though they’re both tons better than the child who wants to go back to the 80s.

    • I partially agree. Like the “Teens Watch” videos are simply embarrassing. I was never that dumb as a teen. I was more using this video as a means to satirize KPOP fandom craziness rather than point out how “in the right” these kids are. Trust me, I hate kids… Hahaha.

      • No no, I got your intention. Which is why I felt like a party pooper. I’m not sure what annoys me more: butthurt kpoppers declaring war on prepubescent kids or prepubescent kids themselves.

        (Michael Fassbender is… okay. He looks like an aged Orlando Bloom. Which can be a good thing?)

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  5. I don’t know… I’m a KPop fan, I’ll admit that, and I respect their opinions and stuff.
    But I’m Asian :/ And some of the kids said some pretty racist stuff.

  6. wow, what is with all the hate and prejudice ???
    you seem to have a strong cynicism for k pop.
    It’s all different cultures and values, nothing is just right or wrong or pathetic or superior. It’s all about the perspective.

    P.S the kids’ reaction was a bit sad to watch. Cannot believe how ethnocentric their views were, and how incapable they were of being open minded or at least trying to be a bit more respectful of cultural differences.

  7. k-pop wouldn’t ruin the society! their just making their own music for their country..they have the right to do that..and of course their song are in different language because they are koreans and they’re not americans..its not their fault if other countries like k-pop, they’re just working! kids this days should learn how to respect other countries and other culture..especially kids from that video(maybe they’re from U.S.)..actually I’m not a big fan of k-pop…but guys you should respect other countries, its not that only americans can make their own music… they have their own country,own music and own language..respect them guyss…its not their fault when other people listen to their music!

  8. what? you’re just as prejudiced as these kids. the only ones with the disparaging remarks are the white kids, except for the really young girl. go back and look at the video. and saying that korean group’s ugly, when plenty of girls don’t think the opposite, and then naming three white guys? hahaha. jesus. why are you even writing about kpop? couldn’t get that job at fox news?

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