[Review][Single] Nine Muses – “News”

Eight member girl group Nine Muses has respawned this week with their follow-up single, “News“.

In what feels like a continuation of a dying trend, Nine Muses’ latest keeps on keepin’ on with the retro vibes. This time, at a slower pace than their last single, “Figaro“, with an added heavy dose of melodramatic overtones for good measure.

Don’t mind me, but I find it particularly difficult to cough up anything remotely interesting to say about Nine Muses. I don’t know if it’s because their music is borderline tranquilizing, they themselves provide very little interest as a Kpop girl group or both. What I can say is they know how to play it safe.

In a pop music industry as polarizing as the one in South Korea, Nine Muses are kind of just there, like furniture. And while pushing the envelop, be it musically or conceptually, often times leads to mounds of criticism and scrutiny, I think that not taking creative risks is just as detrimental. Nine Muses’ back catalogue isn’t particularly awful, but it is awfully dull. They seem to be trying hard and not trying hard enough at the same time. They’re aiming to be that perfect token Kpop girl group, but because there isn’t an ounce of originality in their presentation, I can’t really find their specialty, thus leading to my not finding rhyme or reason to bat an eyelash. That’s kind of sad, no?

“News” is not a bad song. It really isn’t. Its chorus is pretty and it sounds like something that’ll translate really well to stage. The only gripe I have with this song — I’ve heard it already. All of the elements, their place in the song, the transitions and progressions are nothing new to me or to Kpop for that matter. Granted, nothing is ever new in pop music, but “News” is too average and, sadly, forgettable for me to congratulate them for not being annoying chicks in cute dresses.

Maybe they’ll invigorate things later, but for now, I give this a big, fat “meh“.

“News” MV: derp thumbnail FTW


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