[Review][Single] SPICA – “Potently”

This month, B2M Entertainment debuted SPICA, a five member posse comprised of Kim BoaKim Bo HyungPark Joo HyunPark Narae, and Yang Jiwon.

Their name is short for “Sonic Princesses Infinitely Creating Anarchy” (lol) and they’ve recently been gaining attention for their fair amount of talent and their association with goddess Hyori, who happens to be under the same company and is featured in the music video for SPICA’s debut single, “Potently” (독하게).

Basically, B2M is pushing SPICA as that girl group with vocal chops, and I really can’t blame them. SPICA is pretty damn awesome and I think their debut single does a mighty fine job of showcasing what they have to offer in a memorable, classic fashion.


“Potently” is a mid-tempo R&B single that takes these ladies’ voices and blends them in a tasteful manner, allowing each member her proper moment to shine. The instrumental follows a simple series of chords, first introduced by the piano and later taken up by an acoustic guitar that develops in power equal to that of SPICA’s glorious vocal performance. SPICA grace every note with confidence and they make it crystal clear that they’re aware of how fucking fierce they are.

Additionally, the song itself is beautifully composed. “Potently” possesses a strong sense of the 90s and it feels like every piece of it is in its proper place, with the instrumental and SPICA’s vocals working in unison from beginning to end.

It’s actually marvelous and I can’t wait to hear SPICA perform the shit out of this live

via Asian Junkie


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