[Viral Vids] 2NE1’s Minzy Performs “Only Look At Me” at NOLZA Concert 2011 – All By Herself!

A solo stage for The Minz?! No way.

Actually, yes way! Recently, YG Entertainment  uploaded several cuts from 2NE1‘s recent 2011 NOLZA Concert in Seoul and one of these cuts just so happened be a full solo performance/cover of Tae Yang‘s “Only Look At Me” by none other than Minzy!


Check out the video (in all its HD glory) below:

You uh-like-a dem moves and all dat swag? (actually, Minzy’s stage seemed a wee bit timid from the usual badassary we’re used to, but I blame YG for not allowing this gem to blossom properly. Give the girl some wiggle room, bro.)

By the way – while we’re talking Minz, the 2NE1 maknae turned 18 this week. Wait – do you hear that, readers? Yup, that’s the sound of pedo-bears rejoicing.

From everybody here at McRoth’s Residence, Happy Birthday, homes!

other performance clips: “I Am The Loudest” | “GTFO” | “It Hurts (When We Sing This Live)


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