[Review][Album] Navid – “The Bridge of Color”

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Anyway, we kick off this week with a new name around this neck of the woods. Introducing rockstress, Navid! She’s not actually ‘new’-new, as she’s been rocking out since 2009, but since I’m not aware of EVERY artist on the face of the earth, and because it wasn’t until today that I came to appreciate her latest single album, “The Bridge Of Color,” we’ll go ahead and give her the introductory treatment.

Navid epitomizes the Korean indie artist, in that she’s more than just a pretty performer. Navid, like many indie gems, is a singer-songwriter and fine arts student who also contributes her writing to a Korean newspaper. On top of that, Navid is also an artist! As in, she draws and stuff, and pretty flippin’ well too (click here to see her artwork on Facebook, which she used on her 2010 album).

“Goodbye” MV: Lead Single

Navid is an alternative-rock princess. Her music is generally emotive and melodic, mostly comprised of soft guitar riffs and broad phrases. Listening to her music, Navid reminds me a lot of Dear Cloud, except Navid is less inclined to hit you over the head with extremely deep and dark overcasts. Her latest single album, “The Bridge of Color,” captures an array of these emotions and “colors”, transitioning quite flawlessly from bright and optimistic moods, to more melancholic and darker tonalities.

The album only has three tracks – “Goodbye,” “눈물이 내 앞을 가린다,” and “떠들어대지 마” – but the way Navid filed them together is making someone like me (who is anal about track lists and things) jump for joy.

The album opens with the light-hearted lead single, “Goodbye.” It’s a very chill and refreshing single, in that indie-rock kind of way. Navid’s angelic voice works really well with all the lovely acoustics and layered choruses prancing in the background. But what really stands about this, as well as the rest of these songs are the strong, powerful melodies. Sometimes a big voice isn’t nearly enough to compel any sort of emotional response by an audience in the same way that a weak voice doesn’t possess a semblance of weight without a good vessel to carry it through a song. I.E, a good melody, and Navid’s music is in many ways perfectly melodious to emphasize all the best bits of her voice and the band that is strumming away behind her.

“눈물이 내 앞을 가린다”

One of my favorite phases in this awfully short collection of songs is the last track of the three, “떠들어대지 마.” I don’t know if it’s because I’m into extremely angsty ballads or what, but Navid absolutely thrashed me with this one. “떠들어대지 마” is a magisterially powerful wave of emotion and brutality, brought on by a girl ready to slap the living crap out of the next guy put in her presence. I can’t find the full lyrics to this, so I can’t entirely comprehend why the hell she’s so pissed off, but either way, I really love what she’s done here.

The composition is equally masterful. Its increase in intensity is right in line with Navid’s vocal lead, which reaches a beautiful and just as powerful orchestrated climax right at the middle eight that just screams “epic.” It just explodes, and it’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve been able to say that about a Korean song. I’ve missed these kinds of pieces that throw all emotion and musicality wherewithal at you without a drop of remorse. It’s a gripping song that takes you on an amazing emotional journey from beginning to end, and I can’t help but applaud Navid and, by extension, the Korean indie music scene once more for delivering such a moving piece of work.

Navid definitely leaves a strong impression in “The Bridge of Color.” Each song speaks in different tones but they come together under one marvelous voice. Navid’s melodies are strong and they pierce right through the soul.

“떠들어대지 마”

I don’t know about you, but I’m really hoping to hear more of Navid this year, because she’s definitely bringing a powerful voice to female vocalists in the Korean music industry, on top of the fact that she’s an immense talent and a force to be reckoned with.

stay in touch with Navid –
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lovenavid
Twitter: @Love_Navid

support the artist, buy the music: Daum Mnet


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