[Teaser][Viral Vids] Ensemble DITTO Releases Season 6 Teaser – “White Night”

All my classical enthusiasts, take a stand because legendary Korean quartet, Ensemble DITTO, has released a sexy/eerie teaser for their 2012 concert season, “White Night.”

Each year, Ensemble DITTO – a seasonal ensemble that features new and reoccurring members – designates a certain “theme” to each year’s music festivals. I’m not entirely certain where in (and out of) Korea they’ll be playing this year, nor the songs they’ll be playing, but check out their recent teaser below to catch a snippet of their amazing talent:

To those unfamiliar with Ensemble DITTO, here are a couple of stunning clips of one of their most popular members, violist Richard Youngjae O’Neill:

working the viola like a boss

And, of course, these masterful performances of Ensemble DITTO:

And just for kicks, here’s an MV and an old interview with the guys:

stay in touch with Ensemble DITTO –
website: dittofest
twitter: @ensembleDITTO


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