[Review][Single] BEAST – “I Knew It”

This week, Cube Entertainment‘s golden child, BEAST, dropped their latest digital single, “I Knew It“. The release is right on the heels of BEAST’s upcoming world tour, “Beautiful Show,” which is set to hit cities all across the map (Seoul, Germany, Shanghai, Singapore, Japan & Taiwan have been confirmed, with concerts in the USA, Canada, and several other countries likely to be added to the list).

“I Knew It” was released to accompany and/or kick off BEAST’s 2012 worldly activities, a huge feat for the boy band, as they’re only a couple years old. In their short amount of time in the spotlight, BEAST has (un)officially become one of the most successful boy bands of this generation, and they will most likely be making a big name for themselves for the rest of the decade if they play their cards right

While I can’t say they were the shit to begin with, Cube has quickly learned how to market BEAST, identifying the specific musical styles that work best for their talents as individuals and as a unit. Basically, Cube has taken a bunch of misfits and bound them by their fortes to create one glossy gem, and to ensure their success, Cube has provided top-quality production value in one promo after another.

We can all agree that BEAST’s music career started off pretty terribly (“Bad Girl” anybody?), but over time they’ve managed to lose a lot of the novelty in their songs and find a middle ground between the grungy-ness of the likes of “Shock” and the more R&B inclined singles like “On Rainy Days“.

This middle ground has come to suit them very well, launching amazing bodies of work a la BEAST’s 2011 album, “Fiction & Fact“, which has been hailed as their best and highest quality work to date. And since this album is the vessel on which they’re riding out into the world, it was only natural for BEAST’s latest digital release to echo the feelings of their 2011 material, because what else are they going to work with? They’re certainly not going to drop a crazy-ass title track until they’re at least officially back, so I kindaknew this wasn’t going to be that much of a showstopper. And it isn’t, but by no means is it bad.

“I Knew It” is an R&B ballad very similar in structure and tone to 2011′s “On Rainy Days.” It could have easily been a lose limb on BEAST’s “Fiction & Fact,” like a bonus song or something. It’s even incredibly angsty and sort of creepy:

Can I see your phone for a sec? I just need to check something… / When did you change your password? And why is your recent call list empty? / You foolishly erased it all, huh? Ha…you’re cute, babe. / You’re acting really strange, just tell me the truth. I’m starting to get a little mad.

Aside from the obsessive boyfriend story, what catches my interest about this song are all the sweet transitions, especially right at the pre-chorus/chorus intersection. Hyunseung and Yoseob, whose voices work really great together, do a nice job of handing each other the vocal intensity and the melody of the song. “I Knew It” is pretty soft-spoken as a whole, but when it gets big, BEAST manage to bring out all the “I think my girlfriend is fucking another guy” vibes really well.

What I find to be slightly out of place, though, is the rap. It’s like the producers couldn’t figure out exactly where to place it so they opted to disperse it all over the place instead. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s just there, filling up dead space, to which I say – bust out a proper middle eight and to hell with a rap section, you lazy fucks!

All in all, “I Knew It” is definitely a grower. It continues the exact style we heard from BEAST during their “Fiction & Fact” days, which is a style that I’m completely comfortable hearing them in. It’s not exactly telling of what we can expect in 2012 or where they’re headed to next, but the effort is there regardless. The song is really well executed and it’s not going to feel intrusive at all among the rest of BEAST’s tour set-list when they debut it to the world. Rather, it figures to act as a part of the clan more than anything, which I think is its original purpose anyway.

via Asian Junkie

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