[Review][Single] Fame-J – “Sniper Sound VS Over Class”

Fame-J’s debut production is on fire. For his first big profile track, he brought on two hip-hop duos and made them rap against one another. In essence, this is a polished rap battle by rival groups. For a first time producer, this is an exceptional track with an equally talented set of rappers. Get ready for Fight Club, Neighbors. This is about to get nasty.

For “SSvOC”, the emphasis is the deep bass and the snare drum beat on top, with the electronic beeps for lightness. The result is fire.

“SSvOC” smolders with anger and with the right pair of headphones, you’ll be ready to cut a bitch. The impact is only intensified by the ramp up in the beginning, with the panicked conversation by two dudes, only to be told to shut up by Leo Kekoa. If an MV was made, shots would not be out of the realm of possibilities for why they do stop. And then the battle starts.

The rappers are on point and taking names, with Leo Kekoa and Illinit for Sniper Sound and San.E and K.Jun for Over Class. Each brings their trademark styles to the table with the edge (and profanity) to make the rivalry believable. I could do without K. Jun’s auto-tuned singing, but it’s a small concession to pay for this fantastic track.

Fame-J assembled a talented line-up, threw in amazing beats and in the end, you have an awesome hip-hop battle track. I have nothing else to say. Anything else would be repetitive. What the f&^k you gon’ do, b%*(h? Listen, that’s what.



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