[Review] Eye to Eye – “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요”

The sister trio to Brown Eyed Soul, Eye to Eye had a solid debut, with a foray that was good, but sadly, unoriginal. The best way to describe it is, as I said in my review, “…as if the production team substituted the male vocals for female ones over identical melody structures.” But since then, EtE created two singles that stray slowly from those styles and into uncharted territory, the first “Trembling” and their contribution to the ‘Reborn’ series, “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요”. “Trembling” adds horns to the mix, but BES do that well. Their latest release is different for them, but was it worth the experimenting?

In short, yes. Where everything before this was fully arranged and produced, everything was stripped away and EtE’s only accompaniment is an acoustic guitar playing in a folk ballad style. Like all the Reborn tracks before this, “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요” is a cover of an older song by Sanulrim with a unique take, and EtE did it. Known for their vocal talents, EtE did away with the vocal acrobatics and did simple vocals and harmonies. The effect is a lullaby, lulling you into a calming trance by Suhye, Narae, and Jin Sun. The girls are in prime condition, capturing the emotion just right. EtE let the song speak for itself, instead of using the song as a vehicle to show off their talents; the track would have suffered if they did.

Eye to Eye, because of Brown Eyed Soul, have a hurdle to overcome to set themselves apart. But with “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요”, they are moving in the right direction. Simple track with warm harmonies is what they went for and the result was something that rivals other acoustic folk ballads. “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요” could not have sounded better if BES did it.




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