[REVIEW/OP-ED] LED Apple: “Time is Up” for The Voodoo Dance

For the longest time, I thought “LED” stood for the LED TV I watch at home …until I figured out it was EngRish for Red. Makes sense.

Time is Up” is a recycled version of “Someone Met By Chance.”  I’m liking it, not loving it though. The full impact of the track hasn’t hit me yet, so I am only semi-headbanging to “Time is Up.” In due time, I’m ready for some full on headbanging.

Boy, am I glad that they haven’t deviated from their electronic sound. It’s old news for artists to change their music style to suit the current trend. Props to LED Apple for not being genre-confused.

Here’s a 101 crash course on genre-confusion, brought to you by T-ara:

Lies,  fresh but meh
Bo Beep Bo Beep,  Rise of the Planet of the Ape Cat
I Go Crazy Because of You,  overprocessed badass-ness
Cry Cry,  “Stop/Pause” button on iTunes doesn’t exist
Lovey Dovey,  everyday I’m shuffling my ipod; everyday I’m sweeping the floor

Honorable mention my assYa Ya Ya! 

Fashion statement-wise, Hanbyul sticks out like a sore thumb. When the other vocalist is flaunting his red hair and the other members are rocking in black attires, you don’t wear an “oops, just rolled out of bed and put on a vest” outfit. Big no-no!

Comeback performance-wise, it’s always funny to watch HanByul and the other vocalist work the stage with their awkward choreography while the rest of the band tries to blend in, feeling completely irrelevant. The “Time is Up” choreography is definitely on the awkward wavelength cause it has that not-your-average-VOODOO dance component.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the VOODOO dance (0:50-0:57)

  1. headbanging zombies
  2. “You u u u uuuu“ incantation and spirit fingers
  3. Bow down-down-down my fangirls/boys

Beware of LED Apple voodoo-ing their way into your bias list.

If you’re wondering wtf is the thing on the right that resembles a guitar in the above picture, well isn’t it your lucky day? After doing a 30mins research, I found out that it’s called “Kitara”. Guitar + synthesizer in one, sounds promising, looks cool.

I’m happy with the song cause it screams LED Apple, but I’m also not happy with it. The chorus is way too similar to the one in “Someone Met By Chance.” If they’ve never sung “Someone Met By Chance,” I would’ve fallen head over heels for this song. Too bad they did, thereby comparison is bound to occur. And unfortunately, this song is not up to par with the other one. Not to mention “Someone Met By Chance” is a remake track, and remakes usually don’t sound as good as the original. So the fact that a remake pwns this song…

All that aside, I think I’m starting to feel the impact of the song. Adios, I’m ready to damage some neck muscles.


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