[Review][Single] Chocolat – “One More Day”

I am so confused.

It seems that girl group Chocolat has decided to make a comeback this week, two months after having already made one.

Rather than continuing to promote their last mini-album, “I Like It“, something that Chocolat was still kind of doing a couple weeks ago, they went ahead and came back just for the sake of coming back, forgetting that it’s perfectly fine to follow up a comeback without having to promote an entirely different album for one song.

The song in question? “One More Day“…off their “I Like It” mini-album.

Confused yet? Alrighty then.


“One More Day” is verging on old-school, and verging on something good. It has a heavy handed dose of late 90s, early 2000s K-pop, which seems to be a growing trend among girl groups as of late (not complaining). The execution is pretty tight, especially vocally, with Melanie belting notes and things.

While the song is good, it’s easy to skip over, which likely explains why it was a supportive track on “I Like It”, and not a fucking title track.

“One More Day” is fluid and filled with really great harmonies, structure, and style. I think if Chocolat follows this classic R&B style, they could really have something here. They have the voices, now they just need to up the stakes a little bit to push themselves, musically.

Overall? Not bad.

“One More Day”

via Asian Junkie


3 thoughts on “[Review][Single] Chocolat – “One More Day”

  1. this is a dance….that will forever

    1) confound me due to its asinine nature…but then, so are most girl group dances.
    2) remind me of how half-assedly 2NE1’s “pretty boy” was choreographed. the chair similarity doesn’t help chocolat’s cause either.

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