[Review][Single] Stellar – “UFO”

written by: Drowningn00b
I’m not the first to say the rookie idol scene expands with every year ~ no ~ every month. Six Bomb, Spica, Girl’s Day, etc. It becomes a job in and of itself to keep up!

Stellar is among the new class of girl groups for February, debuting with releasing their second single, “UFO,” a dance pop number that does the overly cute concept better than the bubble-gum pop of other girl groups.

“UFO” is similar musically to “Rocket Girl” – both sharing aspects common to the euro-dance DJ scene than the dance-pop of today’s k-pop. Specifically, like commentator ayoama wrote on YouTube, “Frankly, this sounds more like a remix of When Love Takes Over (David Guetta).

“UFO” is good for something that was relevant a couple years ago. The singing is a step up from “Rocket Girl,” but that isn’t saying much. There’s a reason why Stellar’s vocals were auto-tuned the last time around. They actually sing here, but it’s nothing memorable.

One good thing is that this isn’t saccharine. For the vocal strategy they chose, as well as the concept for this cycle of promotions, bubble-gum would not have been out of the question. Still, “UFO” and Stellar, isn’t much to talk about. Only one girl stands out (Jeon Youl), and that’s only on stage. The rest of Stellar (Lee Seul, JOA, and Ga Young) still need to learn how to command attention, both onstage and in their music.

“UFO” is an improvement, but coming from “Rocket Girl” that isn’t much of a compliment. “UFO” isn’t great, nor is it terrible. It’s forgetful, which is worse.



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