[Review][Single] New York Love Diary – “What Should I Do”

written by: McRoth

Indie group New York Love Diary has released the very perky single “What Should I Do” this week, and I think I may be infatuated, you guys.

The group revealed “What Should I Do” on Valentine’s Day, which kind of added a framework to the song for me when I first listened to it. The song is sweet, warm, and absolutely beautiful, and attaching that to the finer aspects of the holiday came naturally.

New York Love Diary is a jazz band and this song is on the lighter end of that genre. The song isn’t particularly groundbreaking or anything, but it’s certainly nice to listen to.

I’m easily persuaded by jazzy Korean music, and New York Love Diary have managed to sweet talk me into adoring their work with this single.

Here’s hoping they churn out another lovely ditty down the road this year.

“What Should I Do” LIVE
Full Audio

support the artist, buy the music: Daum

via Asian Junkie


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